IBM Launches Internet of Things Foundation

IBM makes its mark on the Internet of Things (IoT) by delivering a new IoT service based on the IBM Bluemix Platform as a Service (PaaS).

IBM big data

IBM announced that it has extended its Bluemix platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technology to help developers build applications for the Internet of things (IoT).

Big Blue unveiled a set of digital tools that change the Internet of things landscape by enabling developers to build an IoT application in just a few minutes. The cloud service was developed based on the thousands of IoT client engagements IBM has led under the umbrella of its Smarter Planet initiative, IBM officials said.

The new service, called the IBM Internet of Things Foundation, makes it possible for a developer to quickly and easily extend an Internet-connected device such as a sensor or controller into the cloud, build an application alongside the device to collect the data and send real-time insights back to the developer's business.

The IoT Foundation service is part of IBM Bluemix, IBM's cloud application platform. It delivers rapid access to, and provides valuable insights from, IoT device data coming from billions of Internet-connected sensors and controllers. IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform for building, managing and running applications of all types, including for the Web, mobile, big data and smart devices.

"Think of the IoT Foundation as an extremely fast on-ramp to the cloud for the millions of intelligent IoT devices that are now being shipped, and the billions already Internet-connected," John R. Thompson, vice president of the Internet of things business unit at IBM, said in a statement.

"While many vendors are talking about IoT, we've led thousands of engagements and are one of the first to enable business to rapidly gain access to the big data that billions of sensors, chips, controllers and RFID tags generate," Thompson added. "Combined with our proven cloud, analytics, mobile and security capabilities, IBM provides one of the most comprehensive IoT solutions for clients to derive new business insights and competitive advantage."

By placing the connectivity in the cloud, equipment and asset manufacturers can use the Internet of things to provide remote service and monitoring to residential and commercial customers, oil and gas companies can remotely monitor and provide predictive maintenance to equipment, and logistics companies can track and monitor the condition of goods in transit.

In addition to industrial applications, the Internet of things will enable insurance companies to provide pay-as-you-go insurance, allow city administrators to make critical infrastructure smarter and give automobile manufacturers the ability to provide new connected services for vehicles.

"SilverHook Powerboats uses the IoT Foundation service within Bluemix as the basis for its real-time power boat telematics platform, allowing it to run complex diagnostic analytics in real time on racing boats traveling at high speeds on the ocean," Nigel Hook, CEO of cognitive computing solution provider DataSkill, said in a statement. "The ocean can be a brutal environment, and it's the platform that DataSkill and SilverHook Powerboats chose to prove out their IBM solutions for intelligently predicting performance and reliability while on the ocean race track at 140 mph."