IBM Woos Cloud Developers via New Programs

IBM announced a set of new initiatives aimed at bringing more developers to the IBM cloud, including open-sourcing tools and launching new curricula.

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Signaling a ramp up of its efforts to bring more developers into its cloud ecosystem, IBM today announced a new platform for developers to collaborate on a newly released set of open source technologies.

IBM will release 50 projects to the open source community to help speed enterprise adoption and spur a new class of cloud innovations around mobile, analytics and other growth areas.

IBM’s new developerWorks Open is a cloud-based environment for developers to access emerging IBM technologies, technical expertise and collaborate with a global network to accelerate projects. IBM announced the new effort at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2015 conference in Portland, Ore.

"IBM firmly believes that open source is the foundation of innovative application development in the cloud," said Dr. Angel Diaz, IBM vice president of Cloud Architecture and Technology, in a statement. "With developerWorks Open, we are open sourcing additional IBM innovations that we feel have the potential to grow community and ecosystem and eventually become established technologies.”

On developerWorks Open, developers can download code and access blogs, videos, tools and techniques to accelerate their efforts.

IBM officials said the current model of development in the open source community lacks a strategic focus on business requirements. To address this, IBM is launching a set of projects in industries including healthcare, mobile, retail, insurance and banking. The company hopes to remove the obstacles that inhibit developers from turning open source code into sustainable applications.

IBM also is offering new services on the company’s Bluemix Platform- as- a -Service and open-sourcing a number of apps from its MobileFirst portfolio that will assist developers in the healthcare, retail insurance and SMB mobile markets. These include the IBM Ready App for Healthcare, which tracks patient progress for at-home physical therapy programs via a mobile device. IBM also open-sourced the IBM Ready App for Retail, which personalizes and reshapes the specialty retail store shopping experience. Two other open-sourced apps are the IBM Ready App for Insurance, which improves the relationship between homeowners and insurers and uses Internet of Things sensors to synch home with utilities, and the IBM Ready App for Small Business Banking, which helps financial institutions address the mobile needs of small business owners and attract prospects.

Big Blue also open-sourced some of its analytics technologies and cloud data services. On that front, IBM announced it is open-sourcing Activity Streams, which provides developers with a standard model and encoding format for describing how users engage with both the application and with one another. The other analytics technology IBM is open-sourcing is the Agentless System Crawler, which is a cloud monitoring and analytics framework that enables visibility into all types of cloud platforms and runtimes. IBM also open-sourced its Object Storage on Bluemix Service Broker, a cloud data service that can be used to integrate OpenStack Swift with Cloud Foundry, allowing fast access to cloud data without needing to know where the data is stored.

IBM developerWorks Open follows in the footsteps of IBM’s developerWorks, which has long been a key source of information for developers using IBM, open-source and third-party technologies.

IBM participates in and contributes to more than 150 open source projects. These projects include Spark, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Open Contain Project, Node.js, CouchDb, Linux, Eclipse and several Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects.