In-App Purchase

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In-App Purchase

The Windows Store will support in-app purchases. This slide for Animoto shows how it works.

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Third-Party Payment

The Metro-style app for eBay uses PayPal to manage transactions, mirroring the way eBay's Website works today.

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Third-Party Transaction Platforms: Daily Telegraph

Developers who want to use their own transaction platforms for in-app purchases can do so with the Windows Store.

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Trial Apps

The Windows Store fully supports trial apps. This one is for Cut the Rope.

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International Opportunity

The Windows Store will be available in 231 markets worldwide. This version is in Chinese.

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Windows Store Preview

Antoine Leblond, corporate vice president of Windows Web Services, gave a preview of the Windows Store coming with Windows 8 at a developer event in San Francisco on Dec. 6.

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Windows Store Policies

Leblond and Ted Dworkin, director of program management for Windows Store, unveiled Windows Store policies and showcased partner apps being built for Windows 8 at the developer event.

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Windows Store Revenue Model

Developers learned that with successful apps they can earn up to 80 percent of the revenue the apps generate during Leblond's presentation at the Windows Store developer event.

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