Infragistics Launches Motion Framework for .NET UI Development

Infragistics' new Motion Framework is aimed at Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Infragistics, a maker of user interface development tools, has announced a new motion framework for developing Microsoft Silverlight applications.

The new Motion Framework API, integrated into Infragistics Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) xamDataChart, enables Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) developers to visually animate business intelligence data over time, giving the end user richer insight into their data through an interactive and engaging experience.

"At Infragistics we use an agile design process; we have multi-discipline teams across the globe which build our design and development software tools, resulting in exceptional user experiences," said Jason Beres, vice president of product management at Infragistics, in a statement. "Developers can use our Motion Framework to animate, or 'play,' data over time, which enhances the analysis experience that leads to new business insight of information."

Infragistics officials said the simplicity and ease of use of the Motion Framework is illustrated in two new Infragistics reference applications, World maps, a real-world reference application deployed on Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud-computing platform that tracks video play statistics and usage; and Worldstats, enabling users to add publicly available data sets to a comparative analysis. Both reference applications demonstrate how to program data visualizations with the Motion Framework, geospatial map and data chart.

The Motion Framework is available now to customers with subscriptions to NetAdvantage Ultimate, WPF Data Visualization or Silverlight Data Visualization toolsets. Customer interested in upgrading their subscription can visit:

Before software code is written multidisciplinary teams can engage Quince Pro, Infragistics' design review tool, to review, understand and collaborate on projects. Several new and enhanced features, such as Design Boards, SharePoint Integration and Pattern Sharing between Libraries, help interaction design, visual design and development teams focus on the activities, artifacts and capabilities to streamline the understanding of designs. Through the use of threaded discussions, design boards and pattern associations, a comprehensive library around the design intent of the project can be created, which is critical to building software with the best end-user experience possible.

Also, Infragistics officials said when developing immersive application UIs for the browser or the desktop, icons are an integral part of every application. By introducing the NetAdvantage Icons Browser, developers can quickly browse more than the 380,000 icons in the NetAdvantage Icons catalog, buy themed packs, or easily customize their own sets and rapidly download icons in their preferred format. Developers can also modify and customize icons and bookmark icons in the NetAdvantage Icons Browser.

Infragistics icons themed packs are currently available through NetAdvantage. There are icons available for manufacturing, education, legal, Web and commerce, health care, business and finance, and software and computing. The Office Basics Pack can be downloaded from