Infragistics Updates Ultimate Software Development Toolset

Infragistics launched a key new release of its Ultimate toolkit for building visual enterprise apps for the desktop, cloud and mobile environments.

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Infragistics, a provider of design, development and collaboration tools for developers, continues to evolve its portfolio to meet the demands of enterprise developers who are tasked with turning out new Web, mobile and desktop applications for the enterprise user.

That means delivering tools that help developers meet the requirements of the enterprise environment, including performance, reliability, scalability and security. In that regard, Infragistics released the latest version of its toolset this week. Infragistics Ultimate 16.1 is the company's enterprise-ready Web, mobile and desktop user interface development suite.

The new Infragistics Ultimate 16.1 simplifies the development of visual native iOS and Android applications, cross-platform applications with Xamarin, Web apps with the AngularJS and hybrid apps with HTML5 using Cordova.

"Our dev tools focus is the major driver for the business today," said Jason Beres, senior vice president of developer tools at Infragistics, in an interview with eWEEK. "We've expanded beyond the traditional .NET platforms."

Now offering support for iOS and Android, the company provides integration with Xamarin and Xamarin Forms so developers can use Visual Studio to build native applications targeting any device. Infragistics also has good story for Angular support for HTML5, which allows for not only desktop Web apps, but mobility as well. If a developer wants to build an Angular app with Cordova and deploy it to the App Store, Infragistics supports that.

For Web development, Ultimate 16.1 features enhanced ASP.NET controls for building stylish apps that can process large amounts of data. The new JavaScript/HTML5 controls and AngularJS components help developers build apps that run across every browser on any platform or device.

For mobile app development, Xamarin offers lightweight toolsets for building applications for smartphones and tablets. The company's Xamarin Forms UI controls enable developers to build native apps supported by Infragistics' iOS and Android toolsets. This enables .NET developers to use C# and XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) to build cross-platform apps rather than having to learn a new language like Objective-C, Swift or Java, Beres said.

The Infragistics iOS toolset provides the components needed to create native iPad and iPhone applications, with an advanced data grid and a set of versatile charts perfect for enterprise mobile applications. And the Infragistics Android controls include data grid, gauges, barcodes and more in a modular API. It includes chart functionality and features support for natural multitouch gestures for panning and zooming to see data any way.

"The driver overall, or our claim to fame and what drives Infragistics, is that we deliver high performance, tabular grids, data grids and pivot grids for connecting to data and being able to display that data in almost any way," Beres said. "And on the visualization side we provide super-rich data visualization that financial services, health care and insurance really need for their applications."

For desktop development, Infragistics Ultimate 16.1 features Desktop Windows Forms and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) controls that provide touch capabilities, bold styling and fast speed. The solution offers more than 175 Windows Forms and WPF UI controls for creating user experiences featuring high-volume, high-performance rendering capabilities and animation support for rich data visualizations, as well as pixel-perfect Microsoft Office experiences for Excel, Word and more.

This release includes new QR and 128 barcodes in Windows Forms, along with pie and doughnut charts, a new XAML 3D surface chart and new Windows Forms Excel Spreadsheet control, and more, Beres said.