Infragistics' Windows 8 UI Toolset Unveiled at Microsoft Build 2012

Infragistics announced the release of a beta version of its new Windows 8 UI toolset, NetAdvantage for Windows UI.

REDMOND, Wash. -- Infragistics, a maker of design and user experience (UX) software, has announced a new Windows 8 user interface toolset, NetAdvantage for Windows UI.

NetAdvantage for Windows UI is a set of WinJS HTML and WINRT XAML controls that take advantage of the latest Microsoft operating system.

Whether building business or lifestyle and leisure apps, NetAdvantage for Windows UI empowers developers to deliver Windows 8-optimized end-user experiences that impact the bottom line, the company said. Infragistics announced its new toolset at the Microsoft Build 2012 conference here on Microsoft's campus.

"We are committed to delivering the tools and technologies that grow with industry needs and new developments," Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics, said in a statement. "Our customer community relies on us to leverage and develop against future technology, to keep them in step with changes in the software industry. With NetAdvantage for Windows UI, developers can create their best Windows 8 apps that consistently deliver compelling user experiences."

The toolset, currently in beta, includes Infragistics multi-point, multi-touch charts and maps to translate static data into visually meaningful and interactive experiences. Binding to and displaying data on smaller form factors is no problem with NetAdvantage for Windows UI grids.

The grid has capacity for hundreds of thousands of rows of data but only renders what is visible to the user, making the overall grid footprint smaller on the client and reducing load time for application data, the company said. Rounding out NetAdvantage for Windows UI are Infragistics touch-friendly editors that give end users control over their data entry and a range of display possibilities.

"This is an exciting time for novice and advanced developers," Guida continued. "Whether our customers continue to develop for mature platforms and dabble in newer platforms or go straight to Windows 8 app development, Infragistics has the all the UI toolsets to deliver stunning applications, optimized for modern app development and mobilized for an on-the-go world."

NetAdvantage for Windows UI (beta) is free and available for download here.