Instantiations Tweaks Product Line for Eclipse Galileo

Instantiations updates its entire Eclipse-based product line in conjunction with the Eclipse 3.5 Galileo release.

Instantiations announced June 24 that its entire Eclipse-based product line has been updated in conjunction with the annual Eclipse release, Galileo.

Yet, "In addition to supporting the new Eclipse 3.5 Galileo release, Instantiations products continue to support prior versions of Eclipse and the IDEs (integrated development environments) built upon Eclipse to meet varied customer needs," the company said in a news release.

One updated Instantiations Eclipse-based product is CodePro Analytix Version 6.2. New features include dead code analysis and improved test generation. "CodePro Analytix helps developers detect, report and repair security vulnerabilities and code defects as they write code or during the build process," the release said. Instantiations officials claim the product is "the most comprehensive code security and code quality product for the Eclipse platform-with over 1,200 audit rules."

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Another updated Instantiations product is CodePro Profiler Version 2.2, which is "an automated run-time performance analysis tool that helps Eclipse Java developers efficiently identify performance issues early in the development cycle, such as CPU and algorithmic bottlenecks, memory leaks, threading issues and other concurrency-related problems that can slow down an application or cause it to hang."

Also, Instantiations has updated its WindowBuilder Pro tool. WindowBuilder Pro. Version 7.1, a Java GUI builder, "includes SWT Designer, Swing Designer and GWT Designer and seamlessly integrates into any Eclipse-based Java development environment," the company said. Version 7.1 updates include "support for the new Mac OS X Cocoa version of Eclipse (in addition to OS X Carbon), and expanded Data Binding to SWT Designer-including support for EMF Data Binding to support binding to model objects in the Eclipse Modeling Framework. GWT Designer (Version 7.1) updates include full support for V1.6 of the Google Web Toolkit."

Other newly updated Instantiations tools include WindowTester Pro, a tool for "automating the testing of Swing and SWT GUIs," now in Version 3.9, and RCP Developer Version 3.9, which leverages the open-source Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) for "creating Java-based client and stand-alone desktop applications."

Also, Instantiations introduced a new product, WindowTester Runner, to provide only test execution capability-which is different from WindowTester Pro, which "continues to support both test generation and test execution in one package." According to the company, "WindowTester Runner expedites testing of rich client applications through automated playback of the SWT and Swing GUI tests generated by WindowTester Pro, WindowTester SWT or WindowTester Swing."

"Instantiations continues to be a leader within the Eclipse community and keeps on top of the latest features of the Eclipse platform," said Mike Taylor, CEO of Instantiations and an Eclipse Foundation board member. "In addition to updating our entire product line to support Eclipse 3.5, each product continues to be enhanced throughout the year. We had some key releases these past few months, and I am proud of our team's ongoing drive and innovation to deliver commercial Eclipse solutions that focus on software code quality and security and GUI design and testing, while saving the developer time and the organization money."

"It benefits the entire Eclipse ecosystem to have companies such as Instantiations work so closely with the Eclipse community to bring their high-quality Eclipse updates to market so quickly," said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. "Enterprise adoption of Eclipse continues to grow worldwide, and an annual Eclipse release train means companies that rely on Eclipse technology have a predictable and comprehensive upgrade to plan for each year."