Intel Launches New .NET SDK and Visual Studio Plug-In

Intel has delivered a new .NET software development kit for .NET applications and a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio to its AppUp developer program.

Intel has launched a new software development kit for .NET applications to its AppUp developer program.

The new .NET SDK joins Intel's support for other platforms as part of AppUp. Intel's AppUp program initially launched with support for C/C++ applications, and Intel later launched support for AIR applications in August.

"The addition of .NET continues Intel's growing -port of choice' approach, allowing developers to use the tools and environment they already know to create apps for distribution through the AppUp center store," said Intel community manager Bob Duffy in an Oct. 17 blog post.

Along with the .NET SDK, Intel has also released the much anticipated AppUp IDE Plug-In for Visual Studio 2008, Duffy said. "This plug-in reduces the time and effort to integrate the AppUp SDKs and build the MSI needed to submit your application to the store," Duffy said. The IDE Plug-in support both the C/C++ and .NET SDK for Windows when using Visual Studio 2008. The new SDK can be downloaded at

Intel's AppUp is a destination for developers to find everything they need to easily develop and sell applications for the Intel AppUp center, such as: Tools-including SDKs, easy deployment and validation, a Developer Catalog to buy and sell application components, application labs and a vibrant online community for support.

Duffy also said:

"The launch of this new SDK allows the large community of .NET developers to take part in the growing app ecosystem. By integrating Intel's .NET SDK, for AppUp into their applications, developers can submit their .NET apps for distribution and sales via the AppUp Center stores. As of the publishing of this post, Intel's AppUp store is focused on netbook devices but plans to expand it to support tablets, smartphones, TV, and other computing devices. Intel has also announced additional AppUp stores with Dixon electronics in Europe. Croma retail in India, Best Buy and ASUS and more to be announced early next year. Each store will sell netbooks with AppUp pre-installed, opening up AppUp applications to a large distribution of customers."

Also, with the launch of the AppUp .NET SDK, Intel opens up the AppUp distribution platform to its widest set of developers to date, Duffy said. "With .NET Windows base devices using AppUp, consumers will be able to get a wider range of rich applications that take advantage of the .NET development framework," he said.

Meanwhile, Duffy added a few caveats regarding the new SDK:

"Currently the submission section of the AppUp developer program site will not include a selection for .NET. You can instead select Windows as you do with C/C++ submissions and include your .MSI as normal. The submission portal will be updated with a .NET option during the next release cycle for the Website later in the year. Currently the .NET SDK works with version 3.5 of .NET. Applications using version 4.0 may have an issue with this SDK and could fail validation. It is recommended that your applications use version 3.5 to ensure application validation and a good consumer experience."