Intel Releases Beta of Intel Parallel Studio Tool - Page 2

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Moreover, Intel's delivery of tools to support the creation of applications for parallel processing systems "is a very important thing," said Janel Garvin, senior analyst and founder of Evans Data Corp.

"Multicore processors open up a whole new (and virtually unlimited) world of accelerated performance for applications, but in order to take advantage of the new architecture developers have to multithread their apps and use parallel programming, and they know it," Garvin said. "In our latest North American survey we found over half (53 percent) of developers are already multithreading some of their apps and 70 percent expect to eventually do so. Intel is hands down the industry leader in creating tools for parallel development, and Parallel Studio is going to be big hit. Visual Studio is the most popular IDE [integrated development environment] in the world and enabling those users to create apps that can use multiple threads of execution in their apps is going to give parallelism a huge boost. Intel's recently released compilers and tool kits (version 11.0 C++ compiler and Version 3.23 Cluster toolkit) have no equal in the industry for enabling parallel programming with auto-vectorization and auto-parallelization and other tools and libraries. This directly aids the developer and cuts the complexity and complexity is the No. 1 obstacle to parallel programming according to our most recent North American Developer survey."

Regarding the other components in the Intel Parallel Studio, the Intel Parallel Advisor helps a developer understand where to add parallelism to existing source code. Feedback from the tool allows better design decisions by showing the consequences of decisions, identifying conflicts, and suggesting ways to resolve conflicts.

Intel Parallel Inspector is a proactive "bug finder." It is a flexible tool to add reliability regardless of the choice of parallelism programming models. Unlike traditional debuggers, Inspector detects hard-to-find threading errors in multithreaded C/C++ Windows applications and does root-cause analysis for defects such as data races and deadlocks.

And the Intel Parallel Amplifier assists in fine-tuning parallel applications for optimal performance for multicore processors by helping find unexpected serialization that limits scaling. Intel Parallel Amplifier makes it simple to quickly find multicore performance bottlenecks, for everyone-not just "experts."