Intelligence Hath Its Privileges

Intelligent call processing software can alert you when you're online and a call comes in on your cell phone.

Intelligent call processing software can alert you when youre online and a call comes in on your cell phone. It can coordinate your electronic calendar with your landline, and can then determine whether to send a clients call to your cell phone or to your Palm device. And it can make sure that persistent telemarketer is always sent to voice-mail.

But thats ICP 101. Todays ICP software has moved beyond basic private branch exchange capabilities and mastered unified messaging, and can now do a wide variety of work. In fact, the spec sheet for Cisco Systems CallManager version 3.0 is six pages long and lists 106 capabilities.

Other ICP technologies are no less robust. Here are some of the newest ICP capabilities:

• Gives users the ability to punch in an ID number and order cable movies over the phone.

• Data collection from prepaid calling cards

• A reverse look-up directory that allows callers to enter a phone number and get the corresponding name or address

• Page pushing that lets people in remote locations view Web pages simultaneously

• The ability to analyze call data and move VIP clients to the front of an incoming-call queue

• A buddy list service that links mobile phones to instant messaging and can serve as a family tracking device

• Speed-dial programming from your Web page

• A personal organizer that posts schedule reminders to users cell phones

• Mobile messaging that lets users view the contents of their voice-mailbox on the screen of their Wireless Application Protocol-enabled handsets

• Text-to-speech capabilities that allow subscribers to listen to their e-mail via phone

• Intelligent dialing that lets the user place a call by pressing one key on his or her computer keyboard

• A Web site link that allows companies to link their site with their call center, applications and data

• Calling lists that detail information for callbacks and allow automatic dialing

• A network number search feature, along with a list of commonly used external numbers, that can make printed company directories obsolete

• Fax-over-Internet Protocol

• A button that allows the user to dial a number from his Web browser

• Web access from the phone

• Remote access to voice-mail via local numbers