Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer

Fresh off the release of Internet Explorer 9 at South by Southwest, Dean Hachamovitch, corporate vice president of Internet Explorer, will be a keynote presenter at MIX11. There will also be a number of sessions from members of the IE engineering team focused on HTML5 and related technologies.

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Windows Phone 7 Apps, Updates

Microsoft has much more to share about the Windows Phone developer toolset, including multitasking support—as announced at Mobile World Congress in February—capabilities of the browser, supported standards and technologies.

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Silverlight 5

In its fifth version, Silverlight enables developers and designers to work together to build more impressive and complex applications. At MIX, developers will learn the tools and tricks to keeping their Silverlight applications smooth and responsive.

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With the announcement of IE9 on Windows Phone 7 and the demos for hardware-accelerated graphics, Microsoft is showing its commitment to HTML5. All major browsers support HTML5, and with IE9, developers have the opportunity to build rich and compelling sites that feel more like native applications. For Windows Phone, the browser offers an enhanced Mobile Web browser experience.

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Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it would release a non-commercial Kinect for Windows software development kit from Microsoft Research. At MIX, developers will hear more about opportunities with the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time.

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The Demos

MIX is big on demos—for example, the Seesmic on Windows Phone 7 demo from MIX10 that made a big splash—and developers can expect to see plenty of new stuff on stage at MIX11.

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Windows Azure

Microsoft offers a range of tools that allow developers to build, test and deploy compelling and innovative cloud-based applications for the Windows Azure platform. There will be a number of sessions at MIX by members of the Windows Azure team, including Building applications for Windows Phone 7 using the Windows Azure platform with Wade Wegner and Ten things you didnt know you could do with Windows Azure with Steve Marx.

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<a href= target=_blank>Channel 9 Live</a>

The Channel 9 guys are back! During MIX11, the Channel 9 team broadcast live for two full days of speaker interviews, panels, demos and discussions where developers get to ask the questions.

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Get Your Open Source On

From Java to PHP, open source will play a big role at MIX11. From the community-focused Orchard Project to the Open Source Fest, developers will have the opportunity to see both project leaders at their best and technologies like WebMatrix, which allows for a one-stop download, develop and deploy experience.

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<a href= target=_blank>Networking</a>

With ask-the-experts, three days of sessions with the people behind the products and an attendee party at Marquis night club, developers are sure to meet tons of people.

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Learning From Industry Leaders

For MIX 11, community members could vote for their favorite open-call sessions. Of more than 200 submissions, 11 were chosen to show developers the best and most creative topics from the industry at large. Developers will be able to attend sessions featuring technical leaders from AIS and Flickr/Yahoo, and other companies.

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