InterSystems Cache 2007 Speeds Database Development

The tool delivers rapid, rich Internet application development to the database.

The latest version of InterSystems Cache database product features new technology for rapid, rich Internet application development.

The Cambridge, Mass., company released Cache 2007 Nov. 6 and announced new components including Zen, a framework for building rich platform-independent Web applications faster than ever before. Another new component, known as Jalapeño, eliminates object-relational mapping for Java programmers and reduces development time by at least 40 percent, the company said.

Zen features a library of prebuilt components, including grids, tables and selection trees that enable the quick creation and easy management of complex processes, InterSystems said. It also builds on the concept of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and takes advantage of the Cache security model to avoid security issues.

Jalapeño provides the capability to persist POJOs (plain old Java objects) while eliminating the need for object-relational mapping, InterSystems said. Jalapeño enables Java developers to work in a Java-centric development environment and automatically persist objects in the high-performance Cache database.

"Now it is possible for Java programmers to avoid the tedious and time-consuming task of object-relational mapping, and Cache 2007 enables any programmer to build rich Internet applications faster," said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems vice president of strategic planning, in a statement.

"Were evaluating Zen and plan to use it as the Web development framework for adding major new capabilities to our clinical system products," said Jim Klein, executive vice president and chief technology officer at QuadraMed, in Reston, Va., in a statement. "Not only does Zen support the migration of our applications to the Web, but it also supports our transition to object-oriented design while providing support for our disciplined approach to application development based on design patterns," he said.

Cache 2007 is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix and OpenVMS platforms. Pricing ranges from $220 to $1,380 per user, depending on configuration.


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