Ironside Automates Fax Ordering

New software automates process of receiving fax orders, in effort to streamline call center operations.

Business-to-business software maker Ironside Technologies Inc. on Monday will announce the availability of its Fax Ordering Automation software.

Using the new software, manufacturers and distributors will have the ability to automate the process of receiving fax orders, including fax receipt, internal routing, real-time validation of order header and item detail information, and order acknowledgement.

The idea is to help companies reduce order-processing costs and increase the efficiency and productivity of call centers, officials in Pleasanton, Calif., said.

The FAO software combines Seeburger AGs Platform and Fax Processing Engine. At the same time, Ironsides integration technology enables the validation of customer, product, inventory and pricing information.

Once all the information on a fax has been validated and verified, the order is processed and the corresponding ERP [enterprise resource planning] system is updated, eliminating the re-keying of order information, officials said.

The FAO software also performs statistical analysis using a customers order history to add or amend order data.

Overall, Ironsides development strategy is to automate all of a business sell-side processes. The FAO is a pivotal component of this strategy, officials said.