ISVs Roll Out Eclipse-Based Products

Software vendors release tools and services that support the open-source platform.

RESTON, Va.—Vendors supporting the Eclipse ecosystem are unveiling new products based on the open-source development platform.

At the EclipseWorld conference here, XAware announced it is creating an open- source project and making available XAware 5, open-source data integration software that increases development teams productivity by making projects faster, easier and less expensive to build and maintain.

CEO Tim Harvey said the XAware technology has been around as a commercial product for a few years and is used by more than 70 customers. However, Harvey said developers want to test-drive products before they put them into production and pay for support or services. Offering an open-source solution will allow developers to easily download and use XAware, he said.

The XAware technology creates a data services layer that provides real-time access to all data, regardless of the source. Data is converted into reusable XML components that can be made available to many services, business processes and applications.

Harvey said XAware 5 will be offered on a dual-licensing basis. It will be available for free use under GPL (General Public License) Version 2 and alternatively via a commercial license. Service and support subscriptions are available for purchase from the company.

"With XAware 5, we are taking data integration to the masses," Harvey said.

XAware product components include the Eclipse-based XAware Designer—a visual drag-and-drop, wizard-based IDE (integrated development environment) that speeds development of XAware-powered applications—and the XAware Engine, which is built on the Spring Framework.

Also at the conference, Instantiations, which makes software quality and productivity solutions, announced the availability of CodePro Profiler, an enterprise-ready performance profiling tool designed for Eclipse.


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CodePro Profiler is a run-time performance analysis tool that helps Java developers find CPU and algorithmic bottlenecks, memory leaks, threading issues, and other concurrency-related problems that can slow down an application.

Instantiations officials said CodePro Profiler establishes best practices for development teams. The product lets users implement performance-testing standards across their entire development organization, and it automates performance analysis and reporting.

Eric Clayberg, senior vice president of product development, said manual performance testing is time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive, "so Instantiations is looking at places in the development cycle where automating tests can free developers to focus on creating business logic."

Meanwhile, CollabNet announced the latest release of its Desktop for Eclipse, which gives Eclipse developers direct access to CollabNets set of application lifecycle management tools for distributed teams.

CollabNet provides a collaborative platform for distributed software development and is the primary sponsor of the Subversion open-source revision control system project. Desktop for Eclipse allows Eclipse developers to track and manage, directly from Eclipse, the life cycle of all project assets, Subversion-related activities and tasks managed in CollabNet tracker repositories. The new release also integrates CollabNet Desktop with CollabNet Cubit to give developers access and visibility into build and test servers and environments allocated to their project, the company said.

Cubit is a virtualization solution that dynamically provisions build environments for distributed software teams. Using Cubit, a geographically distributed team can reserve a set of physical or virtual systems from a central pool of resources and rebuild the systems according to any predefined build and test configuration.

Available as a free download, CollabNet Desktop Eclipse Edition 1.1 includes direct links to resources such as technical tips, discussion forums and blogs available on OpenCollabNet, an extension to the CollabNet platform that automatically connects developers with the community of 2.5 million CollabNet and Subversion users. Version 1.1 also lets users access and search directly from Eclipse any of the publicly accessible community sites that run CollabNet Community Edition, such as, and


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