JavaFX Script Is Enterprise-Ready

A developer says Sun's rich Internet application alternative to Flash and Silverlight is enterprise-ready.

LAS VEGAS-Sun Microsystems' JavaFX Script rich Internet application solution is ready for the enterprise.

At TheServerSide Java Symposium here on March 27, James Weaver, chief technology officer at LAT, a consulting and software development company, demonstrated his expertise in developing RIAs for the enterprise using JavaFX Script.

Sun officials announced JavaFX Script as an alternative technology to Adobe's Flash and Microsoft's Silverlight at the company's JavaOne conference last year. As JavaOne 2008 approaches in May, Weaver said the technology is usable for Java developers today.

He demonstrated a RIA written using JavaFX Script that uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to communicate between the client and the server.

"It's a three-tier application where the user interface binds with the model, which communicates with the server through JSON," Weaver said. "One of the hallmarks of JavaFX is binding UI components to the attributes of the model."

JavaFX "is both declarative and has another world of fully object-oriented classes and objects," he said. "The Zen of JavaFX is you have declarative scripting on one side and the model on the other side. [JavaFX Script] is doing client-side Java right and fixing some sins of the past."

Weaver, author of the blog, said that in 1995, when Java was introduced, he was disappointed because he "thought we were going to have this ubiquitous technology for the JVM [Java Virtual Machine], but then we had the browser wars."

However, he said things will change with Java version 6 update 10, because "the JVM will be virtually ubiquitous by the end of the year."