JBoss Creates Preferred Affiliates Program

JBoss Preferred Affiliates Program's goal is to enable the open-source and commercial software worlds to work together.

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Recognizing the emerging adoption of its open-source Java application server, JBoss Group LLC announced Tuesday a new program to help its developer community grow even further.

Atlanta-based JBoss Group announced the JBoss Preferred Affiliates Program, which includes independent software vendors who are integrating their products with the open-source JBoss J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition)-based application server.

Marc Fleury, lead developer of the JBoss application server, and founder of JBoss.org and president of JBoss Group, said the focus of the program is to enable the open-source and commercial software worlds to work together. Fleury said JBoss had more than 2 million downloads last year and has a run rate of more than 150,000 downloads a month.

Members of the JBoss Preferred Affiliates Program include Alignment Software Inc., AltoWeb Inc., Cysive Inc., GemStone Systems Inc., Gluecode Software Inc., Oak Grove Systems Inc., SpiritSoft Inc. and webMethods Inc.

Boston-based SpiritSoft, an enterprise messaging software provider, has integrated its Java-based SpiritWave technology with JBoss, enabling developers to use SpiritSofts messaging technology to access the open-source application server.

Kevin Gibbs, CEO of SpiritSoft, said the growing acceptance of JBoss drew his company to the technology.

Oak Grove Systems, of Calabasas, Calif., has optimized its Reactor 5.1 workflow, business process management and Web services orchestration engine to run with JBoss 3.0, the company said.

GemStone Systems, of Beaverton, Ore., integrated its GemStone CMP (Container Managed Persistence) Accelerator with JBoss, according to the company. The GemStone CMP Accelerator provides caching, clustering and persistence for improved performance in enterprise Java applications.

And Los Angeles-based Gluecode said its Gluecode Portal Foundation Server 3.1 now includes the JBoss 3.0 application server.

Program members said the open-source JBoss application server offers an attractive alternative for customers seeking a low-cost solution consisting of both commercial and open-source technology.