JetBrains Delivers New PHP Tool Release

JetBrains has tweaked its PHP development platform, adding a host of new features to PhpStorm to simplify things for developers.

JetBrains has announced a new version of its integrated development environment (IDE) for the PHP programming language PhpStorm 2.0.

JetBrains, the maker of the popular IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE, has enhanced its existing PHP platform and extended its support for dynamic languages. The company also makes PyCharm, an IDE for Python development, and RubyMine, a Ruby and Rails IDE.

While the initial edition of PhpStorm featured capabilities such as automated refactoring, deep code analysis, on-the-fly error checking and quick-fixes, based on feedback from developers PhpStorm 2.0 focuses on delivering more intelligence, better code quality assurance and support for the latest PHP trends.

"We added PHP namespaces and closures support, which are actively used in today's PHP development, and greatly improved code-analysis capabilities," said Alexey Gopachenko, team lead for the product at JetBrains, in a statement. "In addition, this major release makes PHP debugging just 'work out of the box,' requiring no configuration at all."

In a press release on the new version of its tool, JetBrains officials said the key changes in PhpStorm 2.0 include Complete PHP 5.3 support, including namespaces and closures; Zend Debugger support and zero-configuration debugging in all browsers; and command-line tool support, including completion for Zend_Tool and Symfony. In addition, the new release features full-fledged editors for SQL queries with editable query results, added Mercurial support, and HTML5 and EcmaScript 5 to boot.

Developers interested in trying PhpStorm can download a free 30-day evaluation that works out of the box at Separate personal and commercial licenses are available, both affordably priced, especially for individual developers. Each license includes free PhpStorm updates for one year after the purchase date, covering even major new releases. See