Kii Launches New Internet of Things Platform

Cloud-based mobile application development platform provider Kii has introduced a new platform for the development and deployment of connected, Internet of Things apps.

Internet of Things

Kii, provider of an end-to-end development and deployment platform for mobile app developers, has announced early access availability of its Internet of Things (IoT) Platform.

The Kii IoT Platform will enable developers and device manufacturers to create additional revenue opportunities and increase customer loyalty by offering connected, smarter products, while also accelerating time to market and decreasing development and maintenance costs. Developers will have access to a complete platform to create applications around connected devices.

The platform will empower device manufacturers and app developers with the capabilities to deliver scalable IoT solutions, with out-of-the-box features such as cloud enablement of devices, device management, big data analytics, optimization and a complete mobile backend.

Additionally, Kii has forged partnerships with major IoT ecosystem players such as Winner Micro and Amazon Web Services to further simplify the development of innovative IoT solutions for manufacturers and startups.

"The wave of innovation led by IoT is creating tremendous opportunities," said Masanari Arai, CEO of Kii, in a statement. "Our mission is to provide device manufacturers, service providers and developers with all the enabling tools and services they need to quickly and economically build successful connected solutions from the idea prototyping stage to massive scale distribution."

According to IDC, the worldwide IoT market will grow to $7.1 trillion by 2020. These projections present vast opportunities for device manufacturers, developers, service providers and the entire ecosystem.

While device manufacturers are building smart products at an unprecedented pace, architecting underlying systems and services for production-grade IoT initiatives is complex, costly and time consuming, Kii officials said.

The Kii IoT Platform will allow developers to cloud-enable all things regardless of the hardware type, operating system or chipset, as well as to manage devices and users with features such as remote deployment, push updates, enable/disable, and monitoring and update capabilities through easy-to-use developer and device portals.

Developers and device manufacturers can deploy on Kii's platform in the cloud, or as a private instance in customers' datacenters. They also can facilitate manufacturing by leveraging Kii's global ecosystem of partners including HWTrek and Syntrend Incubation Park (a Foxconn company) for everything from idea prototyping to building millions of devices.

"Kii IoT Platform provides original equipment manufacturers, cloud service providers and developers with a competitive edge," said Waqas Makhdum, director of developer marketing at Kii, in a blog post. "At the highest level, benefits include accelerated time to market with reduced development and maintenance costs for connected devices as well as applications built for IoT use cases."

The Kii IoT Platform is currently available for early access in the United States, Japan and China. Developers interested in participating in the early access program should go here.