Laszlo Enhances its Webtop Application

Upgrades to its Web 2.0 solution are coupled with a partnership with CounterPath for VOIP capabilities.

Laszlo Systems is rolling out a new version of its Web 2.0 solution and a new partnership to bring voice over IP to the Laszlo Web 2.0 desktop.

At the AJAX World conference in Santa Clara, Calif., Laszlo Sept. 24 announced Version 1.2 of its flagship product, Laszlo Webtop: The Web 2.0 Desktop. In addition, officials with the company said successful early adoption of the Laszlo Webtop has led to the development of strategic bundled solutions for three target markets: service providers, enterprises and developers.

Laszlo Webtop for Service Providers comes bundled with ready-to-go Laszlo Mail and Contacts and offers a brandable and extensible solution for delivering a customized communications Web portal, including the ability to integrate advertising for additional revenue opportunities.

Laszlo Webtop for Enterprises comes bundled with Contacts and, optionally, Laszlo Mail. This edition is aimed at enabling a Web 2.0-based workplace and enhancing how users access content, complete transactions and consume multimedia, the company said. Laszlo Webtop for Enterprises also is suited for creating executive dashboards, streamlining business processes or delivering interactive financial data, the company said.

Meanwhile, the Laszlo Webtop SDK for Developers offering is a SDK (software development kit) download for developers build their own Webtop solutions, using the OpenLaszlo 4 development platform to extend, brand and build applications that interoperate inside the Laszlo Webtop framework, officials said.

Version 1.2 of the Laszlo Webtop provides a mechanism for delivering multiple Web 2.0-based RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) that seamlessly interact across popular browsers and devices. Other new features include integrated Laszlo Mail, new APIs to speed application integration, user-based interactive advertising options and access to an evaluation copy of the software for 30-day trial use.

"Laszlo Webtop will prompt a deepening of the promises of Web 2.0 and rich Internet applications through the possibility of having multiple channels and experiences brought into a single integrated view," said Charles Fiesel, managing director of Roundarch, a New York-based Laszlo system integrator. "Webtop creates an enhanced interactive paradigm by allowing these composite views to connect and communicate with one another."

Meanwhile, Laszlo, which is rooted in providing RIA software and solutions, and CounterPath Solutions, a Vancouver, British Columbia, provider of multimedia VOIP softphones and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) applications, announced a strategic relationship to bring standards-based voice communications to Laszlo Webtop.

The companies plan to join forces to build CMC (CounterPath Multimedia Communicator) WebPhone, a softphone that will play to Laszlos vision of one-click, universal communications by merging the voice application with Webtops existing browser-based Mail and Contacts applications. The companies demonstrated the CMC WebPhone at the AJAX World show, officials from both companies said.

CMC WebPhone will be available for general release later this year, CounterPath officials said.


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