Lattix Releases New Software Architecture Management System

Lattix releases Lattix LDM 3.0, the latest version of its Lightweight Dependency Model software for architects and designers.

Lattix has announced Lattix LDM 3.0, which lets managers, architects and developers visualize, specify and maintain the architecture of a complex enterprise software system through models.

With its LDM (Lightweight Dependency Model) technology, Andover, Mass.-based Lattix ushered in a new approach known as the DSM (Dependency Structure Matrix), which uses dependencies to create an accurate and scaleable blueprint of complex software applications. And Lattix LDM 3.0 lets users apply this approach for systems that span different domains, such as databases, services and applications, the company said.

Other new features in Lattix LDM 3.0 include enhancements to the companys Dependency Model approach, which extends DSM with architecture rules, to offer a new way to visualize and manage the architecture of database systems. Also, through a new LDI (Lattix Data Import) module, users can specify their own systems and configurations to create an end-to-end view of an enterprise system that includes business processes, the company said. LDI is an XML specification that allows users to load dependency information from different languages, configuration files and proprietary tools.

In addition, Lattix LDM 3.0 offers Java, C/C++, .Net, Oracle, Hibernate and LDI modules.

"With this comprehensive solution, Lattix now addresses the need for visualizing the architecture of complete systems," said Neeraj Sangal, president and founder of Lattix, in a statement.

/zimages/6/28571.gifRead more here about Lattixs software architecture management solution for Eclipse projects.

"We have developed a general approach that is flexible and extensible so that our customers will now be able to assess how changing one part affects the rest of the system. For example, it is now possible to answer questions such as which of my applications will be affected by changing a particular stored procedure in my database."

Lattix LDM 3.0 is available in three editions, starting at $495 for the Professional Edition. A free evaluation license is also available for download here.

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