Manufacturers Get New Automation Tool

Camstar, Vigilance will announce a joint product that will provide real-time event management for manufacturers.

Camstar Systems Inc. on Monday will announce a partnership with Vigilance Inc. that will combine their respective software suites and result in an integrated, real-time event management solution for manufacturers.

Vigilance, of Sunnyvale, Calif., makes supply chain event management software called the SCEM Suite, while Camstar is contributing its collaborative manufacturing execution software, called Virtual Factory Suite, that helps manufacturers manage multiple plants and processes as a single factory.

The combined software uses live production information to automate business processes and improve collaboration across a company and its supply chain, according to officials from both companies. Through real-time visibility to production flows across single or multisite production environments, the software automatically alerts users to problems with production processes.

At the same time, it also provides visibility into manufacturing operations for supply chain partners, facilitating the creation of front-end business rules across applications, officials said.

Users, who can customize their notification system, are able to track and analyze exceptions, monitor key performances, identify trends and build what-if scenarios to help determine the impact of decisions.

The combined product is available now.