Mashery Delivers Enterprise API Tool for Business Users

Mashery has released a new API packager that enables business users to deliver APIs as products with no coding.

Mashery, a provider of API management technology and services, has released Mashery API Packager, a new tool that lets business users quickly and easily create customized API access plans for partners, customers and developers€”without coding or IT configuration.

With enterprises increasingly treating APIs as full-fledged products, business-side teams often require the power to customize API offerings. Mashery API Packager gives product management, business development and marketing teams the flexibility to tailor API methods, access policies and response filters with point-and-click ease. Yet, Mashery API Packager also enables IT departments to retain control over API governance and operations, reducing the burden on IT staff while accelerating API partner on-boarding.

€œWhen engineers are relieved of coding partner and internal API integrations, enterprises can more quickly turn partnership deals into partnership implementations,€ said Chris Lippi, vice president of product and services for Mashery, in a statement. €œMashery API Packager delivers this efficiency without reducing IT control. For a product team, it€™s API nirvana€”launch immediately, without additional engineering investment.€

Leveraging Mashery€™s experience running API programs for more than 150 leading brands, Mashery API Packager supports enterprises in which API management is no longer solely an IT function, the company said.

€œMashery API Packager helps Klout put influence everywhere by productizing our API into different services for more diverse audiences,€ said Klout Developer Evangelist Tyler Singletary, in a statement. €œBy giving us control over which pieces of our APIs fit together, API Packager lets us easily configure our API to target everything from casual deployments (like widgets) to robust integrations like Salesforce.€

With Mashery API Packager, business development, product marketing and API management teams can now:

"Create on-the-fly packages of API methods and response filters for a partner or group of partners without engineering investmentNegotiate custom contract terms with API partners and quickly create packages based on those termsOffer API packages through a public instance of Mashery Partner Portal for self-service registration and key provisioning, or moderate access privatelyAnalyze API performance and utilization metrics by package."

Mashery API Packager is available as an add-on for Mashery Accelerator Edition and Platform Edition customers, and is included in the Unlimited Edition of Mashery€™s Software as a Service (SaaS) API management platform.