Mendix Teams With HP for No-Code Development on Helion

Mendix brings its no-code, rapid application development platform to the OpenStack-based HP Helion Cloud.

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Mendix is working with HP to bring its no-code, rapid application development capabilities to the HP Helion cloud portfolio.

The goal is to deliver a solution for modern application delivery, enabling users to rapidly build multichannel apps using Mendix's visual development capabilities with integrated one-click deployment for elastic applications on the HP Helion Development Platform.

Adding no-code, rapid application development with Mendix to HP Helion Development Platform's ecosystem provides visual, model-driven development, business process design, workflow and services integration capabilities that complement traditional language runtimes and HP Helion Development Platform's development, deployment and management features, HP said.

These capabilities are designed to enable developers, business analysts and nontechnical domain experts to deliver business solutions six times faster than traditional programming methods, Mendix claims.

"IT organizations are pressed with finding faster and more flexible ways to deliver new applications in order to capitalize on business opportunities, foster innovation and achieve sustainable growth," said Derek Roos, CEO and co-founder of Mendix, in a statement. "Our partnership with HP will fundamentally transform how customers build and deploy multi-channel applications in the cloud."

Mendix is part of the HP Helion ecosystem through the HP Helion Ready Program for Solution Providers and is bringing its visual, model-driven app development tools to the HP Helion Development Platform, a scalable cloud application platform built on open-source Cloud Foundry software and OpenStack technology. This allows companies to develop multichannel enterprise applications faster, deploy them instantly and automatically scale them.

The combination of Mendix and HP Helion enables business users to take development of key applications into their own hands, enabling further business innovation. As one of the first HP Helion Ready-certified ISV partners and an HP Helion Early Adopter Forum participant, Mendix is delivering an integrated development experience with one-click app deployment to the HP Helion Development Platform.

"Enterprises are looking for new ways to build applications in order to gain fast and meaningful business value," said Bill Hilf, senior vice president of product and service management for HP Cloud, in a statement. "The addition of Mendix can help HP Helion customers create business applications rapidly."

Last month, Mendix released results of a survey the company conducted that showed nearly three quarters of IT departments are not equipped to handle the increasing business demand for custom applications. The survey of 470 global IT and business professionals showed that what Mendix refers to as the "app delivery chasm" will get worse as businesses look to compete with apps and IT struggles to keep up using outdated approaches.

"While there has been plenty of anecdotal evidence that an app delivery chasm exists, this is the first study to define just how acute the problem is and how many hurdles companies face as they look for a solution," said Roos. "The numbers show that businesses increasingly need new apps to innovate and compete in an evolving marketplace but are missing out on opportunities because IT cannot deliver at a fast enough pace."

The survey revealed growing demand for custom business applications, particularly customer-facing and mobile apps, cited by 69 percent and 75 percent of respondents, respectively. Of those with a mobile agenda, 68 percent reported needing multidevice, multichannel apps versus stand-alone smartphone or tablet apps.

But pure demand is just the start. In addition to needing more apps, the survey found that enterprises are expecting shorter turnarounds; requesting more changes, more often; and looking to increase their overall involvement in app delivery projects.

"The App Delivery Chasm is a very real challenge facing CIOs and their teams," said Charles Schiappa, CIO of MassHousing, a Mendix customer, in a statement. "With more and more demand from our business, the only way out of this hole is to change the paradigm and deliver applications in a drastically faster, more collaborative way. With the help of Mendix, we've taken projects from years of planning and development effort to complete solutions delivered in weeks, with business stakeholders and users much more engaged in the process."