Micro Focus and Microsoft Team to Boost COBOL Programming Via Visual Studio 2012

Micro Focus and Microsoft announced a partnership to help developers write and maintain better COBOL programs through the integration of Microsoft’s Visual Studio tools with Micro Focus’ COBOL programming environment.

Micro Focus, a provider of enterprise application modernization, testing and management solutions, in partnership with Microsoft, today announced it will jointly launch Micro Focus Visual COBOL 2.0 beta with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate.

Micro Focus€™ Visual COBOL enables application developers to reuse, enhance and extend enterprise COBOL applications, alongside other Microsoft language platforms, such as C#, Visual Basic and ASP.NET, all from within the leading industry-standard integrated development environment€”Visual Studio.

Micro Focus officials said millions of enterprises around the world continue to rely on COBOL-based applications to run their business. Micro Focus€™ Visual COBOL technology provides an integrated, industry-standard environment to develop and maintain these critical applications. COBOL developers and those already familiar with general Visual Studio development techniques will now be able to take advantage of Visual Studio 2012 RC to take those applications forward. Visual Studio levels the playing field for programming languages, and Micro Focus is committed to ensuring that modern COBOL programming remains on par with any comparative technology.

Key benefits of Visual COBOL 2.0 beta include:

  • ensuring longevity by future-proofing business-critical applications deployed on the Windows platform;
  • increasing developer productivity, widening resource pools, and accelerating delivery cycles through its highly integrated development environment; and
  • protecting existing investment and intellectual property by modernizing and enabling business applications for .NET and Azure platforms.

€œWith this announcement, Microsoft and Micro Focus are teaming up to provide the best value to all of our customers,€ said Kevin Brearley, senior director of product management for Micro Focus, in a statement. €œVisual COBOL already delivers enterprise innovation for core business applications and now Visual COBOL 2.0 for Visual Studio 2012 RC provides the next generation of COBOL development products, designed for today€™s Visual Studio developer.€

Visual COBOL 2.0 integrates within the Visual Studio 2012 IDE offering COBOL application developers the latest innovations for software development and also supports the latest .NET Framework, version 4.5, to leverage the new development capabilities of the .NET platform. Combining leadership in COBOL application development with the power of Microsoft Visual Studio delivers real innovation to the enterprise application developer, the companies said.

€œWe€™re honored to have partners like Micro Focus working closely with us to build on the benefits Visual Studio 2012 RC offers the enterprise development community,€ said Tom Lindeman, director of the Visual Studio Industry Partner Program, in a statement. €œCore to Visual Studio 2012 RC is its focus on integrating teams, streamlining development and providing developers a complete tool box to build leading applications efficiently. Having Micro Focus Visual COBOL 2.0 in that tool box further ensures developers have exactly what they need to quickly build fast, stable, advanced applications.€

The partnership between Microsoft and Micro Focus demonstrates the companies€™ ongoing commitment to lead technology innovation within the application development and modernization market. The joint beta launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 RC and Micro Focus Visual COBOL 2.0 delivers a significant advantage for the modern enterprise application developer, improving development experience, productivity and accelerating time to market, the companies said.