Micro Focus' New App Tester Can Be Used on Mobile Devices

The terms “app testing,” “analytics” and “mobile devices” have rarely been used in the same sentence—maybe never. This might be an actual first for the IT industry.


Micro Focus, which recently merged with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s software business and debuted as a combined group on Sept. 1, released a new analytics-powered software tester Nov. 14 that enables software engineering teams to test applications from any browser, operating system or mobile device.

The terms “app testing,” “analytics” and “mobile devices” have rarely been used in the same sentence—maybe never. This might be an actual first for the IT industry.

Using a wide variety of compatible automated test assets–including Unified Functional Testing (UFT), UFT Pro and Selenium–the new product, StormRunner Functional, enables enterprises to deploy intelligent and continuous application delivery cycles with an on-demand testing solution designed to decrease development costs and test execution times.

Accelerating Application Development, Testing for Bi-Modal IT Organizations

Micro Focus StormRunner Functional is optimized for integration with an array of developer testing tools, including Google Analytics, Micro Focus Octane, GIT and Jenkins. This ensures that the solution can support myriad market solutions to address the challenges associated with the scale and delivery quality required by enterprise software delivery.

Test execution time is significantly reduced through on-demand parallel execution of scripts, independent of the types of scripts that are used, Micro Focus said. Testing teams can quickly understand trends that affect the overall quality of the application by drilling down to the root cause of test failure through detailed reporting and analytics.

The key features of StormRunner Functional include:

  • Remote execution in the cloud from existing on-premise tools, such as Unified Functional Testing or UFT Pro and Selenium, to allow rapid feedback across a wide range of devices, browsers and operating systems that provide customers coverage across development tools and platforms. 
  • Capture automated or exploratory tests against web and mobile applications with only a web browser, with no additional tools installed, and edit directly in a cloud native development environment.
  • Perform parallel test execution by providing a scalable on-demand test execution lab service using Micro Focus tools as well as open source such as Selenium to enable cross-browser and mobile testing to dramatically reduce testing cycles.
  • Optimize testing by focusing on those areas used most by your customers, based on real production usage data powered by Google Analytics.
  • Provide immediate feedback to engineers through powerful reporting, such as side-by-side execution and root-cause analysis.

StormRunner Functional will be available by the end of November. For more information, go here

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