Microsoft Announces PDC 2010

Microsoft announces the dates for its next Professional Developers Conference (PDC): Oct. 28-29. Microsoft's PDC 2010 will be held on the company's Redmond, Wash., campus, and all keynotes and sessions will be Webcast for viewers who do not make it to the event.

WASHINGTON-Microsoft has announced the dates for its next Professional Developers Conference (PDC): Oct. 28-29.

At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) here on July 12, Bob Muglia, president of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft, announced that the next Microsoft PDC will be held Oct. 28-29 on Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Wash.

Opening up its campus for a major conference is a novel move for the software giant. According to the PDC 2010 Website: "For the first time ever, our most influential customers will converge on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond for the PDC. We're opening the doors to our buildings and labs, and providing unprecedented access to Microsoft's leaders and engineering teams on their home turf."

There had been speculation that there would not be a PDC this year as Microsoft was between cycles with its core set of development tools-primarily Visual Studio 2010-and Microsoft has previously followed a pattern of not holding a PDC every year.

However, Muglia said there will be a PDC 2010 and it will be blown out broadly with not only all the keynotes, but every session made available to viewers via the Web. Describing the huge undertaking, Microsoft's PDC 2010 site said: "This year's groundbreaking event will include live streaming of the keynotes, as well as concurrent live streaming of sessions."

"This fall we will be doing a PDC, PDC 2010 live from the Microsoft campus and also broadcast online around the world," Muglia said. "This is after all, all about the cloud, so you don't have to come to Redmond to be at PDC."

Despite Microsoft having delivered the flagship Visual Studio tool set this year, the company continues to evolve its tooling for all of its platforms, including its Web development tools, Windows Phone and the cloud, among others.

As the PDC 2010 site said:

""Since 1991, the PDC has been the epicenter of Microsoft's biggest platform announcements. This year will be no exception. Leading-edge developers and architects will gather in Redmond this October to hear firsthand from Microsoft's leaders about the next generation of Cloud Services, Phone, Tools & Technologies, Internet Explorer and Gaming Platforms. The PDC isn't just about content and sessions-it's an opportunity for you to get hands-on access to the latest technologies, have your questions answered by the people who conceived and built the technologies and plan the features and architecture to support your business goals.""

Developers interested in attending Microsoft PDC 2010 can register here.