Microsoft Embraces Domino With Outlook

Outlook 2002 Connector supports connection of the Outlook 2002 client with Domino R5.

Microsoft Corp. on Friday announced its own connector between its Outlook e-mail client and rival Lotus Softwares Domino server.

This is Microsofts first release of an Outlook-Domino connector, though there have been a number of third-party software products that tie the two together or that mimic the Outlook interface in Lotus Notes client.

The add-in, known as the Outlook 2002 Connector, supports connection of the Outlook 2002 client with Domino R5. The Connector allows users to conduct most common e-mail, calendar and contact management functions through Outlook while in a Lotus Domino environment and provides better integration with Microsoft Office applications, according to Microsoft officials in Redmond, Wash.

Ken Bisconti, vice president of messaging solutions at IBMs Lotus Software division, hailed the new Outlook Connector in a statement as a "great example of industry cooperation."

"We are pleased to contribute to the Microsoft Outlook 2002 Connector. It really gives companies great flexibility to meet their messaging needs," Bisconti said.

The Connector is available now and is free to any customer with an Outlook 2002 license.