Microsoft, Korean Firms Launch .NET Solutions Providers Association

Microsoft Korea has teamed up with 40 local IT firms to etablish a .NET solutions providers association.

Seeking to enhance its position in the enterprise software market, Microsoft Korea has teamed up with 40 local IT firms, including solutions providers, system integrators and hardware companies, to etablish a .NET solutions providers association that includes Hewlett-Packard Korea and Unisys Korea, along with local firms such as Camis and Kointec.

To date, Microsoft Korea and its partners have each provided their own solutions. However, aiming to spread Web services, Microsoft Korea and the other members of the association plan to collaborate in developing tools, establishing solutions centers and promoting joint efforts in order to raise awareness about Microsofts .NET Web services.

Byung-Hyung Park, president of Camis and the chairman of the .NET Solutions Association, stated that "the establishment of the association will lead to next-generation business based on the Windows environment. Microsofts Vice President of Marketing for the Asia-Pacific area and Japan, and several of the companys technology directors have visited Korea for the launch of this association. We anticipate that this association will serve as an opportunity to advance .NET around the world."

"This is the first time anywhere in the world that a .NET solutions association is launched. Moreover, the fact that solutions providers have organized this association will draw attention from headquarters or branches in the Asia-Pacific region. Our achievement will be a role model for other countries," said a spokesman for Microsoft Korea.

Not everyone is impressed with the new effort, however. Some companies remain skeptical, pointing out that the association consists mainly of small and midsize companies, not market leaders.

A spokesman for IBM Korea commented, "IBM has been cooperating since 2002 with solutions partners and ISVs to develop a Web services ecosystem. Large companies use our WOW [Web services On Websphere] center to share technologies and information and extend markets."

IBM Korea argued that the company maintains global partnerships with major application providers, including SAP and Siebel, and is ready to cooperate with its partners Korean branches if needed, while Microsoft is betting on partnerships with small and medium-sized businesses.