Microsoft Passes OpenAjax Alliance Interop Tests

Microsoft joins several other companies and open-source projects in meeting OpenAjax guidelines.

Microsoft has passed the OpenAjax Alliances suite of interoperability tests to prove that its software can interoperate with other parts of the OpenAjax ecosystem.

On the eve of the AJAX World Conference and Expo 2007 West taking place Sept. 23-26 in Santa Clara, Calif., Microsoft officials said the Redmond, Wash., companys software passed the OpenAjax InteropFest 1.0 tests and is interoperable with other AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) components in the OpenAjax ecosystem through the OpenAjax Hub.

The OpenAjax Hub is a set of standard JavaScript functionalities defined by the OpenAjax Alliance, with strong focus on being small and fast.

Brad Abrams, a project manager for Microsofts ASP.Net Atlas, wrote in his blog Sept. 23 that Microsoft passed the OpenAjax InteropFest test. Bertand Le Roy, a Microsoft engineer who prepared the Microsoft entry for the OpenAjax test, also blogged about the entry and the testing process itself.

According to the OpenAjax InteropFest 1.0 page on the OpenAjax site, Microsoft passed the test Sept. 20. Offerings from Software AG, the Dojo Foundation, Nexaweb and the Apache Software Foundation also passed on the same day.

Microsoft joined the OpenAjax Alliance in March after being courted for several months.


Read more here about Microsoft joining the OpenAjax Alliance.

The OpenAjax Alliance is an organization of leading vendors, open-source projects and companies using AJAX that are dedicated to the successful adoption of open and interoperable AJAX-based Web technologies, the organization said.

The organizations key objective is to accelerate customer success with AJAX by promoting a customers ability to mix and match solutions from AJAX technology providers and by helping to drive the future of the AJAX ecosystem, OpenAjax officials said.


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