Microsoft Schedules Windows Phone Developer Summit for June

Microsoft will hold a two-day event in June to update developers on all things related to the Windows Phone platform.

With Windows Phone developers clamoring for as much information as they can get about the development platform for the Microsoft phone operating system, the software giant plans to hold a Windows Phone Developer Summit in June.

Microsoft announced its intent to hold a Windows Phone Developer Summit in San Francisco on June 20 and 21. The Microsoft announcement did not give much in the way of detail, but simply said: €œJoin us to learn about developer opportunities and platform capabilities in Windows Phone.€

Over the two days developers should expect to hear more about Windows Phone OS 8, code-named Apollo. And of course developers will be anxious to hear whether existing Windows Phones will be able to run the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Developers also will be interested to hear more about the tooling story for Windows Phone, including what€™s up with Silverlight and XNA.

And of course developers will be very interested in what is what with the Windows Phone Marketplace so they can better monetize their applications. Speaking of the Marketplace, Microsoft on May 2 announced that its Web Marketplace has launched in 22 new countries €“ this after just tidy up the Marketplace by cleaning up keywords and enforcing a five-keyword rule for Marketplace apps, among other things.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is asking Windows Phone developers to €œsave the date€ for the phone developer summit and to €œwatch for more details and your exclusive invitation to register in mid-May.€