Microsoft to Launch Live Mesh

The software company will host an event called "Mesh It Up" at the Web 2.0 conference, and an executive will address the initiative in a keynote.

Microsoft is expected to launch its Live Mesh synchronization solution at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco the week of April 21.

The software giant invited a host of people to an event called "Mesh It Up," scheduled for April 24 during the event. The invitation was issued under the "Live Mesh" banner.

In addition, Amit Mital, general manager of Live Mesh for Microsoft, will be giving a keynote titled "Get Mesh!" at the show the day before.

At the Microsoft MIX conference in Las Vegas last month, Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie spoke of a world where all devices would be connected via a "mesh."

Meanwhile, at least one observer has reported that Microsoft is expected to deliver the first beta of Live Mesh later in April.

Joe Wilcox speaks out on Ozzie's "mesh mashup." Read his blog here.

At MIX, Ozzie said developers and designers need "to think of the Web as a hub-the hub of our social experiences, our social mesh, the hub of our technology experiences, our device mesh. Related to the social mesh, we believe that the interpersonal nature of the Web will ultimately impact everything we do, including the personal aspect of the PC, in scenarios ranging from productivity to media and entertainment. All applications-ours and yours-and will incorporate the group-forming aspect of the Web. Linking, sharing, ranking, tagging on the Web will become as familiar to all of us as file, edit and view on the PC."