Microsoft to Ship Windows 10 Anniversary Update This Summer

Microsoft announced a variety of new features to enhance the "personal" in personal computing in the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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SAN FRANCISCO – Microsoft announced that it will be delivering a new version of Windows 10, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer, as the operating system has been among the most widely adopted operating systems in Microsoft history.

Showing off new features of the upcoming platform at the Microsoft Build 2016 conference here, Microsoft said the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will deliver significant new innovations for consumers and developers for the Universal Windows Platform.

“Windows 10 is off to an amazing start. It’s the fastest growing version of Windows with both consumers and enterprises,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, during a keynote address. “Windows is your ultimate dev box, where you can do all your application development for Windows and beyond right there on a Windows PC.

Added Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Windows and Devices Group, in a statement, “With Windows 10 now running on over 270 million active devices, we’re celebrating with our fans by delivering the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This significant update will help you interact with your Windows 10 devices as naturally as you interact with the world around you — using your pen, presence and voice. We are dedicated to making Windows the most productive development environment for all developers, with all-new capabilities for the Universal Windows Platform and all-new tools for bringing apps to Windows 10 from any platform.”

Microsoft said Windows 10 adoption is outpacing Windows 7 adoption by 145 percent for the same time period for both launches. And customers have spent more than 75 billion hours using the operating system. In addition, Microsoft’s has seen more than 5 billion visits as Windows users look for Windows 10 apps, including nearly 1,000 Cortana apps.

Microsoft also launched a new Cortana Collection in the Windows Store. Moreover, enhancements to the Cortana Windows personal assistant and the Windows Hello personal sign-on feature help to deliver on Microsoft’s strategy to make personal computing more, well, personal.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update also features new Windows Ink capabilities that enable users to write on their device as they do on paper, create sticky notes, draw on a whiteboard and share analog thoughts in the digital world, Microsoft said. New Cortana features enable users to receive proactive advice from Cortana and speak with Cortana, even while their device is locked, without logging in.

Microsoft engineer Kevin Gallo said Windows Hello now extends the security of Windows 10 to multiple devices and to Microsoft Edge, so you can log into your devices and websites with enterprise-grade security.

“You can already use Windows Hello and biometric authentication to make your apps easier to access and more secure with Windows Passport,” Gallo said in a blog post. “If you are a Web developer, you can now bring that same Windows Hello experience to your websites with JavaScript APIs in Microsoft Edge.”

Meanwhile, with the new developer access to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), every Xbox One can be a developer kit with Xbox Dev Mode, enabling anyone to develop for the living room, Myerson said.