mimik Technology: Product Overview and Insight

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Company Name: mimik Technology Inc. (edge computing application tools; official company name is lower-case mimik)

Mimik Technology inc. is a business-to-business software company headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. mimik provides a platform for building the edge cloud. Mimik’s platform enables ordinary devices to act as cloud servers and transforms cloud applications from a fixed, single-server architecture; to a distributed multi-server architecture.

Mimik connects the digital world in new ways and moves us closer to a world where digital freedom is a reality for everyone.

Company description: Mimik was founded by a "dream team" of global executives who bring decades of experience in wireless communications, mobile applications, software architecture and entrepreneurship.  Siavash Alamouti, the inventor of Space-Time Block Code for wireless communications, is president and CEO. Mimik is privately held, having received $6 million in Series A funding to date.

In 2009, Fay Arjomandi, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, started a company called Disternet which became the foundation of mimik. Disternet built edge products for the telecom industry, such as set top boxes and gateways. mimik took the underlying technology and developed a generalized  platform to make the distributed edge cloud available to the entire industry. The mimik edgeSDK and platform were released in November 2018 and are now available for developers. mimik's vision is to extend the cloud to the edge and create a larger, faster, more bandwidth efficient and more private cloud.

Markets: Mimik is relevant for any product or service that uses the cloud. The most significant markets for mimik are those that are at the intersection of cloud and edge computing – IoT (residential and industrial), connected (and autonomous) cars, logistics and transportation, fitness, health and wellness, enhanced retail, telecom and network equipment providers, gaming and eSports, robotics and drones.  

In addition, Mimik is targeting the broad community of application developers and large enterprises with legacy systems

Product and Services

  • The edgeSDK, Mimik’s core product, is a software development kit that developers download and integrate into their applications. edgeSDK may be installed on any computing device with a real operating system, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspbian and QNX. edgeSDK provides a lightweight container environment for running microservices. The ability to run microservices on mobile devices, and even IoT controllers, is what enables these edge devices to act as cloud servers. The edgeSDK is available as a free download.
  • The mimik platform provides back-end services to support edgeSDK enabled applications including: global discovery of edgeSDK nodes and microservices, peer-to-peer communication, authentication/authorization of microservices and deployment of microservices on edge nodes. The mimik platform is a comprehensive communications system that automatically forms clusters of edgeSDK-enabled nodes and maintains the knowledge of the edge cloud.
  • The edgeSDK and mimik platform are available as software as a service products. Developers pay only when their edgeSDK-enabled application is active.
  • mimik-developed microservices are availableto accelerate adoption of edgeSDK and application development. mimik’s microservices are available as open source. Developers can use the source code of these microservices as a reference for writing their own microservices or integrate these microservices directly into their applications.
  • mBeam: beam content to another display. mBeam is an open source edgeSDK microservice that provides solutions to stream content across edge nodes. It is implemented in the mimik Access app which you can download and install from access.mimik.com.
  • mStream: transcode and stream video from an edge device.
  • mIoT for Internet of Things applications. mIoT is an open source edgeSDK microservice that mimik developed to simplify MQTT communications for Internet of Things applications.
  • mMessages microservice is an instant messaging solution for edgeSDK enabled applications that communicates with other edgeSDK applications.
  • mModelShare is an edgeSDK microservice developed to allow applications to share machine learning models across devices within the same or across different network.
  • mGameLobby offers fast and simple local or global discovery of game players for your gaming application. mGameLobby microservice creates a virtual game lobby within a game application that allows game players to interact with each other within an edge cloud cluster whether they are nearby or across the world.
  • mimik professional services: mimik can assist partners with edge cloud and distributed systems architecture, edge cloud application development.
  • mimik consulting services: Mimik provides consulting services for enterprises. mimik advises enterprises on their cloud migration strategy, edge cloud architecture and enterprise application transformation.

Key Features

Mimik edgeSDK and platform are cross platform and OS agnostic. See image for how it works with different OSes:


The mimik Platform provides:

  • automatic clustering
  • global discovery of edgeSDK nodes
  • authentication/authorization of microservices
  • direct peer to peer communication
  • relaying, tunneling, bootstrapping…

Insight and Analysis

None available as of May 15, 2019.


List of current customers: 3BlackDot, H2 Wellness, Lime Microsystems

Delivery: mimik edgeSDK and mimik platform are offered as cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS).

Pricing: mimik edgeSDK is available as a free download for developers. mimik uses a Software as a Service model. Developers only pay if the edgeSDK application is active on a device at least once during the month. Developers pay up to 5 cents per active edgeSDK enabled device, per month. Discounts are available for pre-purchases of large blocks of activations.

Mimik-developed microservices are open source and available to any mimik developer. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Mimik’s consulting services and professional services are custom engagements. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Other key players in this market:  Storj and Dadi who are pursuing decentralized approaches to storage and computing; Inrupt and Solid; EdgeWorx, Balena, Zededa, IoTium. And then Google, Microsoft and Amazon are all touching in this market, but mimik sees the bigger companies as ones they can offer complimentary services to, not compete with. The same can be said for Solid and Inrupt.

Contact information for potential customers:  www.mimik.com.

Automotive customer that has adopted edgeSDK:

Globetouch Inc., Sunil Kaul: [email protected]

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