Modo Labs Launches Open-Source Mobile Development Framework

Modo Labs, a provider of open-source content-delivery solutions for mobile, has debuted its Kurogo Mobile Framework for developers.

Modo Labs has announced the availability of its Kurogo Mobile Framework version 1.0 for mobile developers.

Kurogo provides pre-built modules that are ready to use and already proven in intensive real-world settings, the company said. Kurogo-powered applications feature advanced cross-platform support for the mobile Web, customized for devices, ranging from feature phones to the iPad and iPhone.

Kurogo is based on the MIT Mobile Framework, which has been adopted by a number of universities worldwide. Kurogo has evolved through open-source code collaborations with members of iMobileU, a community of higher education institutions committed to advancing the progress and innovation of mobile development. A number of leading universities have contributed to Kurogo, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University to the University of North Carolina and the University of Central Florida.

The initial project includes modules for People Directory, News, Calendar, Links, Maps, Video, Emergency and External Content. Kurogo also includes support for iPhone and iPad native application development, an extensive Web-based administration console for easy site management, and a developer guide for installation and development instructions.

"Kurogo represents the next generation in mobile-development platforms," Andrew Yu, CEO of Modo Labs, said in a statement. "By using Kurogo, smaller educational institutions with limited IT resources can immediately benefit from the years of sophisticated code developed at larger universities, such as MIT and Harvard. Kurogo will help further enable the ever-expanding benefits of mobility as developers at schools and enterprises work collaboratively to convert more online content and functionality for mobile devices."

Modo Labs' ready-made modules help users address mobile challenges, such as the Mobile Intranet module, which enables corporate communications through mobile devices with calendar, directory, maps and other features. And the company's Mobile Campus module provides immediate information on events, locations and directions via mobile devices for college students and faculty. Modo Labs also offers customized versions of its solution packages, as well as the ability to create new functional modules.

"Kurogo represents a successful combination of an open-source collaboration and a mobile-development framework, resulting in a solution fully capable of meeting the educational enterprise needs on day one, while being flexible enough to accommodate specific corporate requirements," J. Gerry Purdy, principal analyst with MobileTrax, said in a statement. "Using Kurogo, any university or college adopter can rapidly create a powerful mobile Web presence very, very quickly. And because it is open source, the universities and colleges can easily adapt Kurogo as their content needs change, and the changes do not mean a massive disruption for the entire application."

The Kurogo Mobile Framework is offered under the MIT license and is available for download, free of charge, at Institutions wishing training or support can contact and join the Kurogo Google group at