MRO Rolls Out Vertical Software Packages

Maximo software expanded to help transportation and utility companies manage maintenance and repairs.

MRO Software Inc. at its user conference in Washington today announced new vertically oriented software geared toward helping the utility and transportation industries better manage maintenance, operations and repairs.

MRO, of Bedford, Mass., announced the availability of its Maximo Transmission and Distribution software that tackles issues in the utility markets and Maximo 5 Transportation that addresses requirements for the transportation and fleet management markets. Maximo 5 is MROs asset management platform.

Maximo MTD keeps track of utility market requirements like compatible units estimating, enhanced planning and scheduling and integration to multiple geographic information systems.

At the same time the software integrates with performance management and mobile workforce management systems, officials said. The MTD offering interfaces with activeG LLCs software to access geographic information, and provides a GIS spatial data warehouse for integrated mappings to GIS applications.

Designed in conjunction with IBMs energy and utilities business consultants, the Maximo MTD software combines functionality with implementation experience for water, gas and electric utilities looking to optimize distribution operations, officials said.

The Maximo 5 Transportation software is designed to help companies manage assets critical to transportation, including vehicles, rolling stock, infrastructure and facilities. The software keeps track of transportation and fleet management requirements like the industry standard codes (such as the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standard); line code reporting; improved original, extended and after-market equipment and parts warranty tracking; and fuel management interfaces.

As part of the Industry Solutions Program for Transportation – and its user conference kickoff – MRO also announced today an expanded partnership with Optram Inc. Optrams linear asset management system, ORIM, will be integrated with MROs Maximo platform to provide maintenance planning based on actual asset condition, work history and performance, MRO officials said.