MuleSoft Launches APIhub Repository of 13,000 APIs

MuleSoft announced the release of its APIhub featuring more than 13,000 APIs.

MuleSoft, provider of an integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise, has announced APIhub, a public repository and community for APIs.

APIhub enables developers and enterprises to discover and use more than 13,000 APIs and enables application developers and software as a service (SaaS) providers to publish and document APIs on an open, collaborative platform.

The convergence of the SaaS, mobile and big data trends brings about the need for a new type of platform—one that connects and takes advantage of the explosion of endpoints and data caused by organizations, each choosing a diverse set of best-of-breed applications to power their business, MuleSoft said.

"Everyone is talking about SaaS, mobile and big data, but companies need to realize that the power is in bringing it all together," Greg Schott, president and CEO of MuleSoft, said in a statement. "If enterprises don't get that, they'll be left behind. APIs are the lingua franca for the Web, underlying all of these mega-trends and changes in the enterprise. MuleSoft's 'New Enterprise' vision revolutionizes the way the world connects, shares and manages data and applications. We have the only platform that solves all of the integration challenges of enterprises and SaaS providers, spanning the continuum of on-premise and cloud."

MuleSoft is already solving the connectivity problem, helping organizations drive value by connecting and automating business processes across applications, APIs and data sources, all powered by the company's integration platform. At the core is MuleSoft's Anypoint technology, which provides instant API connectivity to hundreds of on-premise and cloud-based applications and systems.

With the launch of APIhub, MuleSoft announces the first pillar of its vision to create a new set of services that will form the first end-to-end platform for powering what the company refers to as the New Enterprise. The New Enterprise needs a platform for both publishing and discovering internal and external services and APIs, as well as for connecting, securing and managing those services and APIs, MuleSoft officials said.

In a Dec. 11 blog post on the APIhub launch, Sumit Sharma, director of API solutions at MuleSoft, said, "So Amazon ended up being the de facto e-commerce destination for both buyers and sellers; Facebook for people needing to connect and companies needing a social strategy; and GitHub for everything developers and enterprises looking to share code. How about APIs?"

Sharma added: "With new APIs added daily, APIhub is the world's largest API repository and serves developers and API publishers by providing a powerful publishing and community platform along with consoles and developer tools to ensure rapid API adoption. So if you are a developer and you are looking to search for photography APIs, feel free to browse the photography category on APIhub—and like this we have over many more categories and filters. We've taken great effort toward producing a rich ontology and taxonomy of describing APIs. The best part about this is that you can really get into the guts of an API by exploring objects/resources, their methods and experimenting by making calls and seeing the response workloads."