MySpace Launches Developer Analytics APIs

MySpace delivers a set of new Developer Analytics APIs for monitoring the performance of applications that run on the social networking site.

MySpace has delivered a set of Developer Analytics APIs to allow developers to better monitor the performance of their applications that run on MySpace.

In a blog post about the new APIs, Owyn Richen, development manager for the mail platform at MySpace, said this set of APIs enables developers to acquire statistical data about their applications, "to help you better understand how your application is performing in the MySpace ecosystem."

Said Richen:

""This new API provides information about all sorts of data points, including key metrics such as impressions, installs and notification clicks. You'll also get access to valuable demographic information, being able to get data segmented by user information such as age range, gender, and geo-location, among other things.""

Moreover, he said, MySpace has "built out a little sample application to give examples of how to properly format a REST [Representational State Transfer] request, and how to effectively transform the output to various Google charts for charting the data. The application transforms the data into annotated line graphs, spark graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and geo maps."

Richen concluded, "We're glad that we can begin providing developers with direct access to the information they need to ensure their game or application performs well on our platform."

To learn more about the MySpace Developer Analytics APIs, go here.