Narrowed Focus

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Narrowed Focus

In restructuring the company, Adobe said it will focus on two market segments—digital media and digital market.

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Stay Creative

Adobe will continue to deliver innovation on PCs through its Creative Suite software while extending its customer reach through tablet-based touch apps and cloud-based software delivery.

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Adobe is making a shift to more subscriptions in an effort to attract new customers and increase recurring revenue.

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Adobe is shifting resources to support even greater investment in HTML5, through tools like Dreamweaver,??íEdge and PhoneGap, recently added through the acquisition of Nitobi.

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Flash Mobile

Adobe has stopped developing Flash for mobile browsers and is focusing Flash resources on delivering the most advanced PC Web experiences, including gaming and premium video, as well as mobile apps.

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Digital Publishing

Adobe is enhancing digital publishing solutions to empower media companies to profit through publishing their content to any screen.

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Video Advertising

Adobe is investing in media monetization, including the large growth opportunity in video advertising, facilitated by the acquisition of Auditude.

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Electronic Signatures

Adobe is intent on extending its capabilities in document services with its Acrobat product line and by increasing its focus on the growing category of electronic contracts and signatures through the recent acquisition of EchoSign.

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Adobe's renewed focus also looks at extending its position in analytics and reporting to drive rapid growth in new areas such as mobile and social.

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Adobe is personalizing digital experiences across all digital channels, ensuring that customers can deliver the most relevant, customized content in real time.

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Multichannel Management

Adobe will be driving multichannel campaign management, enabling marketers to make informed decisions about all aspects of a marketing campaign, from search to email to display advertising.

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Adobe is accelerating media monetization solutions for content publishers by enabling them to segment their audiences and maximize their advertising revenue. Adobe is leveraging the company's acquisitions of Demdex and Auditude this year.

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Go International

Adobe sees potential for aggressive growth internationally.

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Leveraging the company's Creative Cloud could mean 15 to 20 percent annual seat growth, according to Adobe officials.

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Big SaaS

Adobe hopes to transform the impact of digital marketing and build a $1 billion software-as-a-service (SAAS) business.

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