New Opportunities for Windows Phone

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New Opportunities for Windows Phone

The MIX11 Day 2 keynote put the spotlight on devices, as Microsoft announced new opportunities and capabilities for the Windows Phone.

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Joe Belfiore

Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows Phone program management, announced a new set of Windows Phone Developer Tools. Before launching into a discussion of new features in the upcoming "Mango" version of the Windows Phone operating system, Belfiore offered a mea culpa for problems Microsoft has experienced in pushing out updates of the OS to customers.

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Windows Phone Fan Brandon Foy

Belfiore welcomed Brandon Foy, creator of a popular Windows Phone video, to the stage and issued a challenge to the audience.

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Windows Phone and HTML5

Belfiore demonstrated new features for Windows Phone that take advantage of HTML5.

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Speed Test

Windows Phone 7, Android and iPhone went head to head in a demonstration illustrating what Microsoft officials said was the superior agility of Windows Phone applications.

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Layar App

Belfiore demonstrated the Layar app for Windows Phone.

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Scott Guthrie

During his MIX11 keynote, Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president of the .NET developer platform, announced the availability of Microsoft Silverlight 5 beta.

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Kinect-Powered Lounge Chair

Microsoft Technical Evangelist Clint Rutkas demonstrated a Kinect-powered drivable lounge chair.

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Kinect Demo: Navi

University of Konstanz students Stephan Huver and Michael Zollner joined Laura Foy onstage to demonstrate "Navi," a Kinect-enabled demo of augmented reality that provides "eyes" for a visually impaired person.

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Kinect Demo: Wall Panic 3000

Foy and Guthrie demonstrated "Wall Panic 3000" on Kinect.

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