NewsGator Sharpens News Gathering

NewsGator 1.3 includes a number of notable improvements.

NewsGator 1.3, NewsGator Technologies namesake newsfeed subscription tool, includes a number of notable improvements. The $29 tool for Microsoft Outlook, which began shipping last month, allowed me to efficiently organize news feeds. NewsGator is a must-have for news junkies who use news sites with Rich Site Summary content, such as

One of the most compelling new features in this release is NNTP support, which enables users to use Outlook to access newsgroups.

The best features of NewsGator are those that automate most of the nuisance tasks associated with organizing information. For example, I let NewsGator organize my content in Outlook folders by originating site. Plus, I could tap the organization features of Outlook to further organize the information.

This version also supports plug-ins for managing a Weblog on a number of blogging sites, including and Radio.

Another plus not usually found in a utility such as this is volume discounting: NewGators price drops to $17.40 per user for 100 or more users. NewsGator is available for download at