Nexaweb Launches New Web 2.0 Suite

Nexaweb's enhanced application development platform promises better design and management features.

Nexaweb Technologies has released its latest Web 2.0 application development platform, the Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite.

Nexaweb announced the release at the AJAXWorld Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, Calif., on Sept. 24. Nexawebs Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite delivers enhanced design and management features, as well as new interoperability with leading governance solutions from Layer 7 and HP Systinet, the company said.

Moreover, Nexawebs Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite embraces the complementary relationship of SOA (service-oriented architecture) and Web 2.0, and interoperates with a number of other leading Web 2.0 and SOA technology providers, including Kapow Technologies for Web-based data services, Layer 7 for application access and governance and Hewlett-Packards Systinet Registry for SOA artifact indexing and discovery, said David McFarlane, chief operating officer at Nexaweb, in Burlington, Mass.


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Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite features the Eclipse-based Nexaweb Studio IDE (integrated development environment). New and enhanced features in the suite include a visual editor with drag-and-drop capability; data binding capabilities; and a snap-to-grid feature that enables the automatic alignment of widgets, allowing them to be moved, resized and placed in containers. The new release of the suite also features integrated AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Java development perspectives in a single design matrix. The suite also features new integrated debugging and Web service testing tools to help support SOA integration, the company said.

"We want to enhance developer-driven enterprise mashups," McFarlane said. In addition, the Nexaweb integration capabilities are "unique in that the components can come from all kinds of different areas, including HTML, Java, AJAX, ActiveX" and more, he said. "We provide for an integrated event model across the components."

Rob Gagne, vice president of engineering at Nexaweb, said, "with the components, we provide a data-binding technology that allows you to pull data in and bring it into the user interface and map it into components."

This enables the use of technologies such as RSS feeds to be mashed up with other data to create new applications, he said.

Meanwhile, Gagne said although Nexaweb faces increased competition in the market for delivering tools to enable developers to build rich Internet applications and enterprise mashups, Nexaweb has a leg up in that it offers a scaled solution.

For instance, "there are some similarities between Nexaweb and Adobe Flex," he said. "We consider ourselves very much the enterprise play with an open, governed, secure and performant solution."

Nexawebs Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite is available now, starting at $17,900.


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