Open-Source DotNetNuke Forms Company

The new company will manage the open-source Web application framework project and work to cultivate a broader ecosystem around it.

The leaders of the DotNetNuke open-source Web application framework have announced the formation of a new company to manage the project and better serve its community, the DotNetNuke Corp.

Shaun Walker, founder of DotNetNuke Corp., said the new Seattle-based company will manage the project and work to cultivate a broader development community and ecosystem around the DotNetNuke Web application framework for the ASP.Net platform.

Walker said his company, Perpetual Motion Interactive Systems, which has been managing the open source-project, will transfer the DotNetNuke intellectual property and trademarks to the newly formed DotNetNuke Corp.

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In addition to the management and stewardship of the open-source project, DotNetNuke Corp. will focus on developing and delivering services around the framework, Walker said.

And, as these efforts will generate revenue, the company plans to use the funds to support aspects of the project that are difficult or challenging for volunteer teams, such as professional marketing, large-scale platform and feature development, product certification, and e-commerce initiatives, he said.

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In the four years since the DotNetNuke project was launched, its registered user base has grown to more than 335,000 members and demand for the framework has surpassed 2 million downloads, Walker said.

"The formation of this company reflects the maturity of the DotNetNuke project," Walker said in a statement. "As the adoption rate of DotNetNuke continues to grow, it is increasingly being used as a platform for mission-critical Web sites and Web applications. DotNetNuke Corp. exists to instill confidence that while the project continues to remain true to its open-source ideals, it will also be backed by a company that is focused on providing professional management and stewardship for the project."

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