Open Sourcers Get JetBrains IDE Access

JetBrains makes its IntelliJ Idea Java integrated development environment available free to open-source project repository

JetBrains Inc., maker of the IntelliJ Idea Java integrated development environment, is making its flagship tool set more widely available to the open-source community.

The Prague, Czech Republic-based toolmaker Tuesday announced that it will make IntelliJ Idea available free to, an open-source project repository.

Under the license granted to Codehaus, JetBrains is enabling all Codehaus developers to have access to the JetBrains tool, the company said.

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Codehaus houses a number of popular open-source projects, including Groovy, a dynamic language for JVM (Java Virtual Machine); AspectWerkz, a Java aspect-oriented programming framework; and OpenEJB, a modular EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) container and EJB server.

JetBrains also announced the renewal of its free IntelliJ Idea licenses for the Apache Software Foundation. JetBrains is licensing its software free to developers contributing to the Apache Directory Project. And the company said it will expand its program to Apache Foundation developers on a "project-by-project" basis.

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