Opera TV Store Launches

Opera Software has launched its Opera TV Store, an HTML5 based store solution for TV apps.

Opera Software has launched the Opera TV Store, a place for developers to find the tools and components to build apps for TV sets.

The Opera TV Store is a complete HTML5-based solution for easy implementation into connected TVs by OEMs and easily reached by developers and content providers, Opera said.

With the Opera TV Store, developers can reach a large, installed base of compatible TVs and devices, using fast and easy tools to develop all kinds of apps. Movie trailer apps, Video on Demand apps, games, news apps, vodcast and podcast apps are now easy to develop and deliver to customers for developers using the Opera TV Store, Opera officials said.

The Opera TV Store extends beyond connected TVs, making it an all-device experience. Running on the TV, set-top box or a Blu-ray player makes no difference for the Opera TV Store. Using the flexibility of the Web platform, development and deployment of apps is done in a snap, the company said.

"Traditionally, the TV has been pretty static as a device," said Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera, in a statement. "The era when you had to buy more expensive equipment to get new functions in the TV is over. New approaches to TV software, such as the Opera TV Store, make it easier for OEMs to implement smarter functions on connected TVs and content providers to reach a wider audience with their HTML5 apps."

OEMs can harness the power of a multitude of developers to enrich the consumer TV world with after-market apps. The Opera TV Store can be installed on any device or connected TV and a wide array of content partners reached through the store.

For developers, the Opera TV Store means a quick and easy way to reach millions of users right in their living rooms. If a TV is based on the Opera SDK 3.1, Opera TV Store and its content is just a click away. An HTML5-based solution makes compatibility and app development quick and easy. Cloud-based storage of the users' apps means no worries about storage, updates and upgrades, the Opera TV Store shines on all levels of connected TVs.

Running on top of the Opera engine, the Opera TV Store supports HTML5, SVG, Canvas, CE-HTML and OIPF based applications which provide both the rich environment seen in desktop browsers, and the TV specific environment developers are used to in the TV markets.

Content providers have been adding apps for the debut of the Opera TV Store, and several leading Web services have already published their apps.

"Vimeo is excited to be developing for such a great platform as Opera TV Store," said Andrew Pile, vice president of product development at Vimeo, in a statement. "We're always looking to expand Vimeo everywhere and with the addition of Opera TV Store, we continue to bring high quality content to a wider audience."

"After developing the DriveCast app for such different platforms as Yahoo ConnectedTV, Samsung SmartTV and Philips NetTV, porting the app to Opera TV Store was really easy sailing," said Giorgio Bernardi, president and CTO of Inrete, in a statement. "The development of an app for the Opera TV Store is really an easy task for any developer of Web applications."

"We're excited to launch a range of Funspot games on the Opera TV Store," said Michael Lantz, CEO of Accedo, in a statement. "Casual games are popular applications, and HTML5-based Opera TV solution offers a vast range of new possibilities that are particularly attractive for gaming."

Opera TV Store is available as trial software for OEMs and content providers, Opera officials said.