Oracle Announces New Developers Suite

The Oracle 9i Developer Suite targets Java, XML and SQL developers, and provides full development lifecycle support in a standards-based platform.

Oracle Corp. Monday announced the releases Oracle 9i Developer Suite, a new set of tools for building Internet applications and Web services featuring transactional and business intelligence capabilities.

The new suite targets Java, XML and SQL developers, and provides full development lifecycle support in a standards-based platform, the company said.

Oracle said the toolset supports the latest Java 2 Enterprise Edition, XML and Web services standards.

In addition, the Oracle 9i Developer Suite includes new features for building transactional and analytic applications, including Oracle9i Business Intelligence Beans for implementing business intelligence capabilities in Java applications; Oracle9i Software Configuration Manager (SCM) for collaborative team development; enhanced J2EE Design Pattern implementations; a fast Java debugger; and a CodeCoach tool for code optimization, the company said.

For Java and PL/SQL developers, Oracle 9i Developer Suite offers tools to help them write applications and web services faster. The tools include Oracle9i JDeveloper, an integrated Java, XML and SQL development environment for J2EE and Web services; Oracle9i Forms Developer, a rapid application development tool for PL/SQL development; Oracle9i Designer, a toolset for modeling, generating and capturing the requirements and design of database applications; and the SCM tool.

Sohaib Abbasi, senior vice president of tools development at Oracle, said Oracle 9i Developer Suite is unique in that it is a production suite of development and business intelligence tools that takes "full advantage of [new releases of] both Oracle9i Database and Oracle9i Application"

Oracle9i Developer Suite is immediately available for free download from Oracle Technology Network (OTN) by OTN members, and can be purchased for $5,000 per developer from the Oracle Store.

Also on Monday, at its BorCon 2002 user conference in Anaheim, Calif., Borland Software Corp announced its expanded Java development solution with the introduction of JBuilder 7, Borland Enterprise Studio 4 for Java, and Optimizeit 4.2. Borlands new version of JBuilder also features full development lifecycle support, including TeamSource for collaboration throughout the development process and Optimizeit for performance testing, to deliver high quality applications and boost developer productivity.

Enterprise Studio for Java combines these and other leading products in an all-in-one package for modeling, development, and deployment of Java applications.