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Other new features in the IDE include customizations and personalization enhancements. Also, with Oracle's ADF Desktop Integration, developers can bring the power of ADF to Microsoft Office. For developers, extending an ADF application to Excel uses the same familiar programming model and can leverage shared business services for improved reusability and data integrity.

The new version of JDeveloper, JDeveloper, also features the Oracle SOA Suite extension, which reintroduces the popular design time for Oracle SOA Suite with new features. And the new version of the IDE delivers Oracle WebCenter Framework and a Services extension.

Oracle JDeveloper allows developers to quickly assemble and build applications and services across application servers, the company said. Alternatively, developers can also leverage the open-source Eclipse IDE through Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.

"Our goal is to let users choose" which development environment they want to use, Farrell said. However, Farrell would not comment on what Oracle plans to do with the open-source NetBeans IDE that the company stands to inherit in its pending acquisition of Sun Microsystems. "NetBeans is a viable IDE in the market," Farrell said.

As part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g launch, Oracle announced the release of Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g, which includes Oracle WebLogic Server, as well as Oracle Coherence, Oracle JRockit, Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Enterprise Manager. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g also builds on the previously announced Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g strategic development tools including Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Application Development Framework and Oracle TopLink.

"Avis Budget has always been on the forefront of new technology. We use information technology to reduce cost, [to] increase customer satisfaction and to help us provide a great product to our customers," John Turato, vice president of Technology for Avis Budget Group, said in a statement. "Our service-oriented architecture ... is the home of our Oracle Fusion Middleware investment. As such, we are closely tracking WebLogic Server 11g and related components that can continue to enable us to provide better customer service and reduce our costs."

Oracle WebCenter Services provide the following new social computing services: tagging, linking, recent activity, RSS, ratings, people connections and activity graphs that enable users to integrate these technologies with their enterprise applications and collaborate with others, Oracle officials said.

"With WebCenter 11g, we really like the component-based development features. Using these, we have built several prototypes, which front-end our transactional system. The prototypes were created literally within a couple of days, which allowed us to readily showcase these to our clients," said John Chung, vice president of IT for Arcturus Realty.

"By making it easy for our end users and developers to customize business applications within the portal environment, Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g helps us better align IT with our business goals," said Lee Fairclough, vice president of Knowledge Management for the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. "In particular, the tools offered in Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g will assist us in providing users access to the latest materials on cancer, including the research, guidelines, information, and relevant services and tools to support both patients and families going through an experience of cancer or those actively working in the cancer system in Canada. In this way, Oracle WebCenter 11g will provide us the ability to support our broad cancer community with a one-stop access point to Canadian information to meet their cancer-related needs, including interactive online discussion forums."