Oracle, SpringSource Launch OSGi-Based Eclipse Project

Oracle and SpringSource team up to propose a new Eclipse project called Enterprise Modules and code-named Project Gemini, to provide a home for subprojects that integrate existing Java enterprise technologies into module-based platforms.

Oracle and SpringSource have teamed up to propose a new Eclipse project called "Enterprise Modules" and code-named Project Gemini, "to provide a home for subprojects that integrate existing Java enterprise technologies into module-based platforms," the proposal said.

According to the proposal, released on Nov. 20, "Gemini will be a parent ... for several subprojects ... that provide the specific implementations/integrations. Gemini will itself be a subproject of the Eclipse Runtime Project."

"Also according to the proposal:"The primary goal of the Gemini project is to provide access to standard enterprise technology implementations within a modular framework. The OSGi [Open Services Gateway Initiative] Alliance has developed specifications for the application and usage of many of the enterprise technologies within OSGi. These specifications describe how vendors should implement and interoperate with existing services, and how the OSGi modularity, life cycle, and service models should be applied with respect to those technologies. Gemini will provide implementations of many of these specifications...""

In addition, the Project Gemini proposal said:

""OSGi started as a technology to enable embedded devices and appliances to operate and communicate through services in dynamic environments. The devices could come online and offline, were decoupled from each other, and had independent life cycles. The framework that emerged to host and support these features turned out to be beneficial to other applications and software layers as well. Recently, OSGi and the module-based design principles that it espouses and promotes, have begun gaining popularity amongst enterprise developers as well. The natural evolution was to start creating standards for integrating popular enterprise technologies in module-based systems, and then provide implementations for consumption by the general population.""

SpringSource CTO Adrian Colyer is closely involved with the project. So is Doug Clarke, director of Product Management for Oracle Application Server's Java Persistence solutions and co-lead of the Eclipse Persistence Services Project, aka EclipseLink.