Oracles New Properties

July 05 ContextMedia; some assets of ContextMedia, a content integration software developer; undisclosed sum

Vertical markets
April 05 Retek; retail software; bidding war with SAP; $496 million
July 05 ProfitLogic; pricing optimization software for retail industry; undisclosed sum
Aug. 05 I-Flex Solutions; banking industry software and Indias largest software company; $909 million
Jan. 06 360Commerce; merchandising and supply chain optimization software; undisclosed sum
Feb. 06 HotSip; Swedish telecommunications software maker; undisclosed sum

Enterprise resource
Jan. 05 PeopleSoft and, by default, JD Edwards; ERP applications;$10.3 billion
Dec. 05 TempoSoft;

Work-force manage-ment software;undisclosed sum
Jan. 06 Siebel Systems; on- demand, hosted customer relation-ship management software; $5.85 billion

June 05 TimesTen data- base software; some of TripleHop Technologies assets; undisclosed sums
Oct. 05 Innobase; open-source database technology; undisclosed sum
Nov. 05 OctetString; virtual directory software; undisclosed sum
Feb. 06 Sleepycat; open-source embedded database; undisclosed sum

Security Software
Security software; undisclosed sum
March 05 Oblix; identity-based
Nov. 05 Thor Technologies; identity and access management software