Parasoft Delivers Virtualize Platform

Parasoft's new Virtualize platform enables developers and testers to more easily establish virtual environments.

Parasoft, a maker of tools for professional software developers, has announced Parasoft Virtualize, a new platform for creating virtual test environments.

Parasoft Virtualize is the company's fourth generation of Application-Behavior Virtualization (ABV) software, and it helps developers and testers eliminate the testing constraints associated with heterogeneous composite applications.

The new Parasoft platform enables organizations to automatically capture and emulate dependent system behavior. Instead of wrestling with schedules to access banking mainframes, multinational ERP systems, third-party information systems or any system that is out of a user's general control, Parasoft Virtualize creates a Parasoft Virtualized Asset that emulates dependent system behavior-including control over performance parameters and data.

"Parasoft Virtualize significantly lowers the cost to stage an extraordinarily realistic development and test environment," said Wayne Ariola, vice president of strategy for Parasoft, in a statement. "Not only does Parasoft Virtualize eliminate the traditional constraints of developing and testing complex applications, but also it assists organizations to execute rich end-to-end test scenarios, which includes cloud, mobile applications and service-oriented architectures."

Parasoft Virtualize is used in conjunction with hardware/OS virtualization to provide developers and testers with the resources they desperately need to execute their development and testing tasks, the company said.

Parasoft Virtualize provides concurrent, 24/7 access to dependent test resources, eliminating the constraints that commonly stifle testing, such as multiple development and test teams having limited access to mainframe cycles, or having shared and tightly scheduled access time, among other things.

The product also scales virtualized assets to support large-scale, high-throughput load and performance tests. And Virtualize manages interdependent system connections, facilitating rapid development, testing and deployment, as well as reducing the overhead for configuration or infrastructure management, the company said.

The Virtualize platform also removes parallel development delays by giving teams the ability to rapidly emulate or model the needed behavior rather than having to wait for others to upgrade, configure and manage the dependent systems, Parasoft said.