PHP Vendor Supports Visual Studio 2008

Jcx.Software launches a PHP tool to accompany Visual Studio 2008 release.

Jcx.Software has announced on Feb. 27 the immediate availability of VS.Php 2.4 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to accompany the official launch of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2008 tool set.

Miami-based Jcx.Software released VS.Php 2.4, which provides unique value to PHP developers, such as support for both XDebug and DBG debugging engines, said Juan Rivera, founder of Jcx.Software.

VS.Php 2.4 has a Web site copy feature, which enables users to drag and drop files from the server to the client and vice versa. This feature serves as a complement to the existing deployment module in VS.Php. Developers can easily keep their local copy of their application in sync with changes made on the remote server. It also enables developers to deploy only the files they want by using the product's simple drag and drop interface.

In a statement, Rivera added: "VS.Php for Visual Studio 2008 is an exciting release because it continues to show how the innovation on the Visual Studio integrated development environment [IDE] adds value to PHP developers. Jcx.Software is committed to making PHP a first-class citizen in Visual Studio 2008. Visual Studio along with Eclipse are the only two real development platforms for developers that offer a wide range of tools and languages. Visual Studio with VS.Php provides a very compelling offering for PHP developers to enjoy the performance of Visual Studio and its usability and productivity features."

Microsoft has been supporting the use of PHP on CLR (Common Language Runtime). Microsoft supports the Phalanger project, an open-source project to develop an implementtion of PHP on .NET. The Phalanger project is hosted on CodePlex, Microsoft's community development site. Also, Microsoft and Zend Technologies, known as "the PHP company," have maintained a long-term technical collaboration deal to enhance the experience of running the PHP scripting language on Windows.

"With this announcement, Jcx.Software continues to add value to the PHP and Visual Studio community," said Brian Goldfarb, group product manager in the Developer Platform & Tools Team at Microsoft, in a statement. "By utilizing the new features in Visual Studio 2008, PHP developers can build and deploy PHP applications faster and with a higher quality."